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About Months in German Language

Recognizing how to determine the months in German is rather important and usually be regarded as standard German speech. We now have listed the actual months in German language beneath that may help you pronounce the months in German. Learn More

List of the Months in German

German Language Words

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JanuaryJanuar (YAH-noo-ahr), in Austria "Jänner" (YEH-nna)
FebruaryFebruar (FAY-broo-ahr.), in Austria "Feber" (FAY-ber)
MarchMärz (mehrts)
AprilApril (ah-PRILL)
MayMai (migh)
JuneJuni (YOO-nee)
JulyJuli (YOO-lee)
AugustAugust (ow-GOOST)
SeptemberSeptember (zep-TEM-ber)
OctoberOktober (ok-TOH-ber)
NovemberNovember (noh-VEM-ber)
DecemberDezember (day-TSEM-ber)

Select the hyperlinks below to find out a number of helpful German holiday key phrases which you’ll find sorted by group. For each holiday word or phrase in German, you will see the actual English interpretation.

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