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About Getting Directions in German Language

As you are exploring in Germany or any country where people communicate in German, are you aware of the best way to your destination? Travelling in German-speaking places could be inspiring as well as amazing. Learn More

Nonetheless, it is good to find out easy methods to ask directions in German and also to understand what you’re advised. German Phrases For Direction
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This kind of German vocab under will assist you to fully grasp instructions in German.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in German

How do I get to _____ ? (cities)Wie komme ich nach _____ ? (vee KOM-muh ikh nahkh _____?)
How do I get to _____ ? (places, streets)Wie komme ich zum/zur _____ ? (vee KOM-muh ikh tsoom/tsoor _____?)
...the train station?...zum Bahnhof? (tsoom BAHN-hohf?)
...the bus station / bus stop?...zum Busbahnhof / zur Bushaltestelle? (tsoom BOOSS-BAHN-hohf/tsoor BOOSS-hahl-tuh-shteh-luh?)
...the airport?...zum Flughafen? (tsoom FLOOG-hah-fen?)
...downtown?...zur Stadtmitte? (tsoor SHTUT-mit-tuh)
...the youth hostel?...zur Jugendherberge? (tsoor YOO-gent-hayr-bayr-guh)
...the _____ hotel?...zum _____ Hotel? (tsoom _____ hoh-TELL)
...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?...zum amerikanischen/kanadischen/australischen/britischen Konsulat? (tsoom ah-mayr-ih-KAHN-ish-en/kah-NAH-dish-en/ous-TRAH-lish-en/BRIT-ish-en kon-zoo-LAHT?)
Where are there a lot of...Wo gibt es viele... (?) (VOU gipt ess FEE-luh...)
...hotels?...Hotels? (hoh-TELLSS)
...restaurants?...Restaurants? (rest-oh-RAHNTS?)
...Bars? (bahrss?)...bars? (pub)
...Kneipen? (KNIGH-pen?) (pronounce the K)...sites to see?
...Sehenswürdigkeiten? (ZAY-ens-vuur-dikh-kigh-ten?)
Can you show me on the map?Kannst du/Können Sie mir das auf der Karte zeigen? (kahnst doo/KOON-en zee meer dahss ouf dayr KAHR-tuh TSIGH-gen?)
street, roadStraße (SHTRAH-suh)
leftlinks (links)
rightrechts (rekhts)
Turn left.Links abbiegen. (LINKS AHP-bee-gen)
Turn right.Rechts abbiegen. (REKHTS AHP-bee-gen)
straight aheadgeradeaus (guh-RAH-duh-OWSS)
towards the _____Richtung _____ (RIKH-toong)
past the _____nach dem(m)/der(f)/dem(n) _____ (nahkh daym/dayr/daym _____)
before the _____vor dem(m)/der(f)/dem(n) _____ (for daym/dayr/daym _____)
Watch for the _____.Achte/Achten Sie auf den(m)/die(f)/das(n) _____. (AHKH-tuh/AHKH-ten zee ouf dayn/dee/dahss _____)
intersectionKreuzung (KROY-tsoong)
northNorden (NOR-den)
southSüden (ZUU-den)
eastOsten (OST-en)
westWesten (VEST-en)
uphillbergauf (bayrk-OUF)
downhillbergab (bayrk-AHP)

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