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For anyone who is in Germany or perhaps a German speaking place, ever wondered how you can tell the actual time in German? Telling the time in German depends upon comprehending the German numbers and certain guidelines regarding the hours, minutes and seconds in German. Learn More

In this particular page, you will learn simply how you can tell the time in German while using the subsequent terms with regard to:
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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in German Language

nowjetzt (yetst)
laterspäter (SHPET-er)
beforevor (for)
morningMorgen (MOR-gen)
in the morningmorgens (MOR-genss)
tomorrow morningmorgen früh (MOR-gen FRUU)
afternoonNachmittag (NAHKH-mit-tahk)
in the afternoonnachmittags (NAHKH-mit-tahks)
eveningAbend (AH-bent)
in the eveningabends (AH-bents)
nightNacht (nahkht)
in the nightnachts (nahkhts)

Need to know the correct way to say eight o-clock in German? Use the key phrases directly below to guide you tell the latest time on the clock in German.
In German speaking countries as in many other European countries, it's usual to use a 24 hour clock, ranging from 0.00 to 24.00. Okay, 24.00 is actually the same as 0.00, but one day later.
one o'clock AMein Uhr (IGHN oor)
two o'clock AMzwei Uhr (TSVIGH oor)
noonzwölf Uhr (TSVOOLF oor) or Mittag (MIT-tahk)
one o'clock PMdreizehn Uhr (DRIGH-tsayn oor)
two o'clock PMvierzehn Uhr (FEER-tsayn oor)
midnightMitternacht (MIT-er-nahkht) or null Uhr (NOOL oor) or vierundzwanzig Uhr (FEER-oont-TSVAHN-tsikh oor)
Expressing "fractional hours" differs slightly among various regions of Germany. The "normal" way of doing it is:
Quarter past one - Viertel nach eins or Viertel zwei
Half past one - Halb zwei (half two)
A quarter to two - Viertel vor zwei or Dreiviertel zwei

Make use of the basic German sentences to tell the time duration for instance a Year, Week and a Month when it comes to German language.
_____ minute(s)_____ Minute(n) (mih-NOO-tuh [mih-NOO-ten])
_____ hour(s)_____ Stunde(n) (SHTOON-duh [SHTOON-den)
_____ day(s)_____ Tag(e) (TAHK [TAH-guh])
_____ week(s)_____ Woche(n) (VOKH-uh [VOKH-en])
_____ month(s)_____ Monat(e) (MOH-naht [moh-NAH-tuh])
_____ year(s)_____ Jahr(e) (YAHR[-uh])

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