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Ordering Drinks in German Bar

While inside of a German speaking location and you have to purchase a beverage in a bar or simply a store. It is great to learn some German phrases to get cocktails. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in German Language

Dehydrated in Germany or perhaps in a nation where people speak the German language? We now have displayed useful German sentences to get refreshments in German language.

German Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol?Haben Sie alkoholische Getränke? (HAH-ben zee ahl-koh-HOHL-ish-uh guh-TRENG-kuh?)
Is there table service?Kommt eine Bedienung zum Tisch? (kommt IGH-nuh buh-DEE-noong tsoom TISH?)
A beer/two beers, please.Ein Bier/zwei Bier, bitte. (ighn beer/tsvigh beer, BIT-tuh) / See note in previous section.
A glass of red/white wine, please.Ein Glas Rot-/Weißwein, bitte. (ighn glahss ROHT-/VIGHSS-vign, BIT-tuh)
A quarter/eighth of red wine, please.Ein Viertel/Achtel Rotwein, bitte. (ign FEER-tel/AHKH-tel ROHT-vign, BIT-tuh) / Note: It's usual to order wine by quarters or eighths (of a liter).
A little/big beer, please.Ein kleines/großes Bier, bitte. (ighn KLIGH-ness/GROH-sess beer, BIT-tuh)
Half a liter, please. (of beer)Eine Halbe, bitte. (IGH-nuh HAHL-buh, BIT-tuh) Note: This probably won't be understood in the North of Germany.
A bottle, please.Eine Flasche, bitte. (IGH-nuh FLAH-shuh, BIT-tuh)
Rum and coke, please.Bitte eine Cola mit Rum. (BIT-tuh IGH-nuh KOH-lah mit ROOM) Note: In German, the mixer comes first.
whiskeyWhiskey (VIS-kee)
vodkaWodka (VOT-kah)
rumRum (ROOM)
waterWasser (VAH-ser)
club sodaMineralwasser (Mee-ne-RAWL-vas-ser)
tonic waterTonicwater or simply Tonic
orange juiceOrangensaft or simply O-Saft (oh-RAHN-gehn-zahft or OH-zahft)
Coke (soda)Cola (KOH-lah)
Do you have any bar snacks?Haben Sie irgendwelche Snacks? (HAH-ben zee EER-gent-VELL-khe SNEKS?)
One more, please.Noch einen(m)/eine(f)/eins(n), bitte. (nokh IGH-nen/IGH-nuh/IGHNS, BIT-tuh)
Another round, please.Noch eine Runde, bitte. (nokh IGH-nuh ROON-duh, BIT-tuh)
When is closing time?Wann schließen Sie? (vahn SHLEE-sen zee?)
Cheers!Prost! or Zum Wohl! (zoom wole)

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