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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Bosnian Language

Want to book an accommodation in Bosnia? Exactly how do you say, I would like to book an accommodation in Bosnian? Helpful Bosnian vocab with regard to reserving a room in lodges or needing to require a bedroom with a balcony. Learn More

Together with the Bosnian accommodation relevant keyword phrases listed below, one can learn how to express your questions in Bosnian. Many of these inquiries include things like: “how many days you will be reserving for?” and “how much would it cost to reserve a room?” Subsequently, you will be able to grasp the replies in Bosnian.
Bosnian Language Words

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Do you have any rooms available?Imate li slobodnih soba? (ee-MAH-teh lee sloh-BOHD-nee SOH-bah?)
How much is a room for one person/two people?Koliko košta soba za jednu osobu/dvije osobe? (koh-LEE-koh KOHSH-tah SOH-bah zah YEHD-noo oh-SOH-boo/ dvyeh oh-SOH-beh?)
Does the room come withDa li u sobi ima (dah lee oo SOH-bee EE-mah)
...bedsheets?...čaršafa? (...chahr-SHAH-fah?)
...a bathroom?...kupatilo? (...koo-PAH-tee-loh?)
...a telephone?...telefon? (teh-LEH-fohn?)
...a TV?...televizor? (teh-leh-VEE-sohr?)
May I see the room first?Mogu li prvo pogledati sobu? (MOH-goo lee PEHR-voh poh-GLEH-dah-tee SOH-boo?)
Do you have anything quieter?Imate li nešto tiše? (ee-MAH-teh lee NEHSH-toh TEE-sheh?)
...bigger?...veće? (...VEH-tcheh?)
...cleaner?...čišće? (...CHEE-shtcheh?)
...cheaper?...jeftinije? (...yehf-TEE-nyeh?)
OK, I'll take it.U redu, uzeću je. (oo REH-doo, oo-ZEH-tchoo yeh)
I will stay for _____ night(s).Ostaću _____ noć(i). (ohs-TAH-tchoo...notch(ee))
Can you suggest another hotel?Možete li mi preporučiti drugi hotel? (moh-ZHEH-teh lee mee preh-poh-ROO-chee-tee DROO-gee HOH-tehl?)
Do you have a safe?Imate li sef? (ee-MAH-teh lee sehf?)
...lockers?...ormariće? (...ohr-MAH-ree-tcheh?)
Is breakfast/supper included?Da li je doručak/večera uključen? (dah lee yeh doh-ROO-chahk/ veh-CHEH-rah oo-KLYOO-chehn ah?)
What time is breakfast/supper?Kada je doručak/večera? (KAH-dah yeh doh-ROO-chahk/ veh-CHEH-rah?)
Please clean my room.Molim, očistite mi sobu. (MOH-leem, oh-CHEES-tee-teh mee SOH-boo)
Can you wake me at _____?Možete li me probuditi u_____? (moh-ZHEH-teh lee meh proh-BOO-dee-tee oo...?)
I want to check out.Želim se odjaviti. (ZHEH-leem seh oh-DYAH-vee-tee)

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