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Pronunciation in Bosnian certainly is the great way the Bosnian word or even a Bosnian language is without a doubt expressed, or the way in which a person articulates the single word. If one is thought to have the”correct Bosnian pronunciation”, then it refers to both of these within a particular Bosnian language. Learn More

The Bosnian word is often talked differently by a variety of people or communities which varies according to many elements, for example: the amount of the cultural exposure of their own childhood, where the man or woman resides, their unique ethnic community, their social class, and / or their own knowledge. Learn the rules
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When it comes to Bosnian, the exact letter found in two diverse words can certainly make two distinct sounds. Many letters in Bosnian language are not pronounced at all. Usually, it is possible to sound out words. Hence, many experienced non native Bosnian speakers (and occasionally some native speakers) often mispronounce Bosnian words.

Similar to English, Bosnian pronunciation can be quite difficult, as a result of intricacies such as silent letters, multiple sounds for just a particular letter, and countless conditions to what ever rules you find in the Bosnian pronunciation. This website has lots of webpages that will describes the actual Bosnian pronunciation regulations in addition to exclusions in perfect detail. This is certainly great for advanced students, but it really can be hugely unclear for beginners of Bosnian language. We aim to streamline Bosnian pronunciation rules to help make it simpler for one to begin Bosnian, even though you may certainly not know how each individual Bosnian letter combination is pronounced in every circumstance. We understand that sometime, you will have to study much more in-depth Bosnian tuition on Bosnian pronunciation rules.

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The Serbo-Croatian pronounciation, like other Slavic languages, is very phonetic. Each letter represents only one sound, and multiple sounds are produced only when several letters are combined.
The letter "A" represents the sound "ah" in Bosnian and represents only that sound.
Speakers of Spanish and Italian will find most sounds in Bosnian/Serbo-Croatian to be similar to the ones in their own languages.
Keep in mind that Serbo-Croatian is the ONLY Slavic language written in both Latin and Cyrillic, the latter with considerable differences from the more popular Russian/East Slavic version.
Although learning the two alphabets will keep out of trouble and endear the locals, the Latin script is more commonly used, even in Belgrade. The particles -ij and -j
found in the middle of a number of words may be ommited due to regional applications and would still be correct.
Unfortunately, neither stresses (usually it is the second or third-last one, but never the last) nor vowel lengths are marked in the written language, but the stress is more
predictable than it is in Russian or Bulgarian, where it is almost obligatory to put an accent on the stressed syllable.
For example, in the sentence sam sam (I am alone), the first "sam" is long, and the second is short (SAHM sam); in the clause da da (that he/she gives), it is reverse (da DAH). The most
notorious example is a pun Gore gore gore gore (Up there, forests are burning worse), but it is not likely that you will use this sentence in everyday speech. Unlike Bulgarian, Russian and other East
Slavic languages, however, wrongly pronounced vowel length will seldom cause misunderstandings.

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