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How do we say the Days of the week in Bosnian language

While you are exploring in Bosnia and someone asks you in Bosnian “what day is it today?” you have got to recognize how to give the days of the full week in Bosnian simply. What if somebody asks “when am I going to meet you next?” You’ll need to write the time in Bosnian perhaps. Make use of our day key phrases in Bosnian below to understand the full week days in Bosnian. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Bosnian

daydan (dahn)
todaydanas (DAH-nahs)
tonightvečeras (veh-CHEH-rahs)
yesterdayjuče (YOO-cheh)
tomorrowsutra (SOO-trah)
this weekove sedmice (oveh sehd-MEE-tseh)
last nightsinoć (SEE-nohtch)
this morningjutros (YOO-trohs)
last weekprošle sedmice (PROHSH-leh sehd-MEE-tseh)
next weeksljedeće sedmice (slyeh-DEH-tcheh sehd-MEE-tseh)
Sundaynedjelja (neh-DYEH-lyah)
Mondayponedjeljak (poh-neh-DYEH-lyahk)
Tuesdayutorak (oo-TOH-rahk)
Wednesdaysrijeda (SRYEH-dah)
Thursdayčetvrtak (CHEHT-vrtahk)
Fridaypetak (PEH-tahk)
Saturdaysubota (soo-BOH-tah)

Months in Bosnian Language

Bosniak Muslims might use the Islamic calendar for religious purposes, such as the dates of the month of Ramadan and other major Islamic festivities.
JanuaryJanuar (YAH-nwahr)
FebruaryFebruar (FEH-brwahr)
MarchMart (mahrt)
AprilApril (AH-preel)
MayMaj (mai)
JuneJuni (YOO-nee)
JulyJuli (YOO-lee)
AugustAugust (OW-goost)
SeptemberSeptembar (sehp-TEHM-bahr)
OctoberOktobar (ohk-TOH-bahr)
NovemberNovembar (noh-VEHM-bahr)
DecemberDecembar (deh-TSEHM-bahr)

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