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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Bosnian Language

Want to find out the right way to repeat the phone numbers in Bosnian? You may have to count up to 12 in Bosnian. We certainly have provided each written pronunciations of ways to say typically the figures when it comes to Bosnian language. We can also show you ways to say major figures in Bosnian quickly. Learn More

List of Numbers in Bosnian Language

Now we have pretty much all the Bosnian numbers from One – One thousand | a thousand, listed here that you will want to know. More …

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To help make counting the numbers found in Bosnian easier, we now have divided the numbers in to smaller-sized portions. Every one of these internet pages have a brief online video you can view to determine the most suitable pronunciation.
0nula (NOO-lah)
1jedan (YEH-dahn)
2dva/dvije (dvah/dvyeh)
3tri (tree)
4četiri (cheh-TEE-ree)
5pet (peht)
6šest (shehst)
7sedam (SEH-dahm)
8osam (OH-sahm)
9devet (DEH-veht)
10deset (DEH-seht)
11jedanaest (yeh-DAH-nah-ehst)
12dvanaest (dvah-NAH-ehst)
13trinaest (tree-NAH-ehst)
14četrnaest (chehtr-NAH-ehst)
15petnaest (peht-NAH-ehst)
16šesnaest (shehs-NAH-ehst)
17sedamnaest (seh-dahm-NAH-ehst)
18osamnaest (oh-sahm-NAH-ehst)
19devetnaest (deh-veht-NAH-ehst)
20dvadeset (dvah-DEH-seht)
21dvadeset jedan (dvah-DEH-seht YEH-dahn)
22dvadeset dva/dvije (dvah-DEH-seht dvah/ DEE-vyeh)
23dvadeset tri (dvah-DEH-seht tree)
30trideset (tree-DEH-seht)
40četrdeset (cheh-tehr-DEH-seht)
50pedeset (peh-DEH-seht)
60šezdeset (shehz-DEH-seht)
70sedamdeset (seh-dahm-DEH-seht)
80osamdeset (osahm-DEH-seht)
90devedeset (deh-veh-DEH-seht)
100sto (stoh)
200dvjesta (dee-VYEHS-tah)
300trista (TREES-tah)
400četiristo ('cheh-tee-REES-toh)
500petsto (PEHTS-toh)
600šeststo ("shehs-TEHS-toh")
700sedamsto (seh-DAHMS-toh)
800osamsto (oh-SAHMS-toh)
900devetsto (deh-VEHTS-toh)
1000hiljadu/tisuću : Both are correct and used equally often (The first one is a Greek loanword for the same number, while the latter is the Slavic word) (hee-LYAH-doo/ tee-SOO-tchoo)
2000dvije hiljade/tisuće (dee-VYEH hee-LYAH-deh/ tee-SOO-tcheh)
1,000,000milion (MEE-lyohn)
1,000,000,000one thousand million in UK, one billion in USA: bilion/milijarda (BEE-lyohn/ mee-LYAHR-dah
1,000,000,000,000one billion in UK, one trillion in USA: trilion (TREE-lyohn)
number _____broj_____ (broy)
halfpola (POH-lah)
lessmanje (MAH-nyeh)
moreviše (VEE-sheh)

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