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About the Colours in Bosnian

When you’re thinking to take a shopping spree in Bosnia or a Bosnian speaking place, remember to study the colours in Bosnian language. Names of colours in Bosnian will come in quite helpful while you are looking for additional options in a lot of merchandise your are planning to get. Learn More

As a result of this specific web page, you can easily learn how to articulate the names of various colours in Bosnian. We hope by studying and learning the Bosnian color chart down below, it will be easier to tell all the actual essential colours in Bosnian.
Bosnian Language Words

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Bosnian Colours List

blackcrna (TSEHR-nah)
whitebijel (byehl)
graysiva (SEE-vah)
redcrvena (tsehr-VEH-nah)
blueplava (PLAH-vah)
yellowžuta (ZHOO-tah)
greenzelena (zeh-LEH-nah)
orangenarandžasta (nah-rahnd-JAHS-tah)
purpleljubičasta (lyoo-bee-CHAHS-tah)
brownsmeđa (SMEH-jah)
pinkroze (ROH-zeh)

Select the links below to see a list of practical Bosnian holiday words which are organized by theme. For each holiday phrase in Bosnian, you will notice the actual English translation.

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