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About Months in Bosnian Language

Understanding just how to know the months in Bosnian is extremely important and commonly be treated as elementary Bosnian dialect. Now we have detailed the actual months in Bosnian language down below that will help you articulate the months in Bosnian. Learn More

List of the Months in Bosnian

Bosnian Language Words

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Bosniak Muslims might use the Islamic calendar for religious purposes, such as the dates of the month of Ramadan and other major Islamic festivities.
JanuaryJanuar (YAH-nwahr)
FebruaryFebruar (FEH-brwahr)
MarchMart (mahrt)
AprilApril (AH-preel)
MayMaj (mai)
JuneJuni (YOO-nee)
JulyJuli (YOO-lee)
AugustAugust (OW-goost)
SeptemberSeptembar (sehp-TEHM-bahr)
OctoberOktobar (ohk-TOH-bahr)
NovemberNovembar (noh-VEHM-bahr)
DecemberDecembar (deh-TSEHM-bahr)

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