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About Ordering Food in Bosnian

Hungry? How to go about placing your order meals in Bosnian? These are typically a lot of the questions you’ll have when venturing in a Bosnian speaking country. Learn More

Regardless of whether you’re going to live in a Bosnian speaking country or planning on a short break there, understanding how to get food in Bosnian is really important. Dining out at Bosnian eateries and cafes is definitely a lot of pleasure, particularly if you fully understand some basic Bosnian restaurant vocabulary. More …
Bosnian Language Words

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We’ve got outlined some standard meal relevant words in Bosnian, below, wishing they will often assist you when you’re buying food in Bosnian.

Speaking Bosnian When Eating Out

Click this link to discover the Bosnian meals words and phrases quite easily which you can use for ordering food in Bosnian eateries and cafes.

breakfastdoručak (DOH-roo-chahk)
lunchručak (ROO-chahk)
dinner/suppervečera (VEH-cheh-rah)
glass (drinking glass)čaša (CHAH-shah)
cupšolja (SHOH-lyah)
saucertanjirić (tah-NYEE-reetch)
platetanjir (TAH-nyeer)
bowlglava (GLAH-vah)
spoonkašika (kah-SHEE-kah)
forkviljuška (vee-LYOOSH-kah)
knifenož (nohzh)
mugkrigla (KREE-glah)
napkinsalveta (sahl-VEH-tah)
A table for one person/two people, please.Molim Vas, sto za jedno/dvoje.. (MOH-leem vahs, stoh zah YEHD-noh/ DVOH-yeh)
Can I look at the menu, please?Mogu li pogledati meni/jelovnik? (MOH-goo lee POH-gleh-dah-tee MEH-nee/ YEH-lohv-neek?)
Can I look in the kitchen?Mogu li pogledati kuhinju? (MOH-goo lee POH-gleh-dah-tee KOO-khee-nyoo?)
Is there a house specialty?Imate li specijalitet kuće? (EE-mah-teh lee SPEH-tsyah-lee-teht KOO-tcheh?)
Is there a local specialty?Imate li lokalni specijalitet? (EE-mah-teh lee LOH-kahl-nee SPEH-tsyah-lee-teht?)
I'm a vegetarian.Ja sam vegetarijanac. (yah sahm VEH-geh-tah-ryah-nahts)
I don't eat pork.Ja ne jedem svinjetinu. (yah neh YEH-dehm SVEE-nyeh-tee-noo)
I don't eat beef.Ja ne jedem govedinu. (yah neh GOH-veh-dee-noo)
I want _____.Želim _____. (ZHEH-leem...)
I want a dish containing _____.Želim jelo sa _____. (ZHEH-leem YEH-loh sah....)
chickenpiletinom (PEE-leh-tee-nohm)
beefgovedinom (GOH-veh-dee-nohm)
fishribom (REE-bohm)
hamšunkom (SHOON-kohm)
sausagekobasicom (KOH-bah-see-tsohm)
cheesesirom (SEE-rohm)
eggsjajima (YAI-ee-mah)
saladsalatom (SAH-lah-tohm)
(fresh) vegetables(svježe) povrće ((SVYEH-zheh) POHVR-tcheh)
(fresh) fruit(svježe) voće ((SVYEH-zheh) VOH-tcheh)
breadhljeb (khlyehb)
toasttost (tohst)
noodlesrezancima (REH-zahn-tsee-mah)
ricerižom (REE-zhohm)
beansgrahom (GRAH-khohm)
May I have a glass of _____?Mogu li dobiti čašu _____? (MOH-goo lee DOH-bee-tee CHAH-shoo...?)
May I have a cup of _____?Mogu li dobiti šolju _____? (MOH-goo lee DOH-bee-tee SHOH-lyoo...?)
May I have a bottle of _____?Mogu li dobiti flašu _____? (MOH-goo lee DOH-bee-tee FLAH-shoo...?)
coffeekafe (KAH-feh)
tea (drink)čaja (CHAI-ah)
juicesoka (SOH-kah)
(bubbly) water(kisele) vode ((KEE-seh-leh) VOH-deh)
watervode (VOH-deh)
beerpivo (PEE-voh)
red/white winecrveno/bijelo vino (TSEHR-veh-noh/ BYEH-loh VEE-noh)
May I have some _____?Mogu li dobiti _____? (MOH-goo lee DOH-bee-tee...?)
saltso (soh)
black pepperbiber (BEE-behr)
butterputer (POO-tehr)
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)Oprostite, konobar? (OH-prohs-tee-teh, KOH-noh-bahr?)
I'm finished.Završio sam. (ZAHVR-shyoh sahm)
It was delicious.Bilo je ukusno. (BEE-loh yeh OO-koos-noh)
Please clear the plates.Molim Vas, odnesite tanjire. (MOH-leem vahs, OH-dneh-see-teh TAH-nyee-reh)
The check, please.Račun, molim. (RAH-choon, MOH-leem)

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