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About Getting Directions in Bosnian Language

As you are exploring in Bosnia or any nation in which people talk in Bosnian, do you know tips to get to your holiday location? Commuting in Bosnian-speaking places can be exciting as well as adventurous. Learn More

Then again, it’s essential to figure out ways to ask information in Bosnian and also to really know what you’re advised. Bosnian Phrases For Direction
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This Bosnian vocabulary down below will let you understand directions in Bosnian.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Bosnian

How do I get to _____ ?Kako ću doći do_____ ? (KAH-koh tchoo DOH-chee doh?)
...the hotel?hotela? (HOH-tehl-ah)
...the bank?banke? (BAHN-keh)
...the hospital?bolnice? (BOHL-nee-tseh)
...the train station?...željezničke stanice? (ZHEH-lyehz-neech-keh STAH-nee-tseh?)
...the bus station?...autobuske stanice? (OW-toh-boos-keh STAH-nee-tseh?)
...the airport?...aerodroma? (AH-eh-roh-drohm-ah?)
...downtown?...centra grada? (TSEHN-trah GRAH-dah?)
...the _____ hotel?..._____ hotela? (HOH-tehla?)
...the_____embassy?ambasade? (AHM-bah-sah-deh?)
Where are?Gdje su? (gdyeh soo)
...hotels?...hoteli? (HOH-teh-lee?)
...restaurants?...restorani? (REHS-toh-rah-nee?)
...bars?...barovi? (BAH-roh-vee?)
Can you show me on the map?Možete li mi pokazati na karti? (MOH-zheh-teh lee mee POH-kah-zah-tee nah KAHR-tee?)
streetulica (OO-lee-tsah)
roadcesta (TSEHS-tah)
boulevarbulevar (BOO-leh-vahr)
avenueavenija (AH-veh-nyah)
highwayautoput (ow-TOH-poot)
Turn left.Skreni lijevo. (SKHREH-nee LYEH-voh) : Skreni lijevo ("SKREH-nee LYEH-voh")
Turn right.Skreni desno. (SKHREH-nee DEHS-noh) : Skreni desno ("SKREH-nee LYEH-voh")
leftlijevo (LYEH-voh)
rightdesno (DEHS-noh)
straight aheadSamo ravno (SAH-moh RAHV-noh)
towards the _____prema_____ (PREH-mah)
past the _____poslije_____ (POHS-lee-yeh)
before the _____prije_____ (pryeh)
intersectionraskrsnica (RAHS-kuhrs-nee-tsah)
northsjeverno (SYEH-vehr-noh)
southjužno (YOOZH-noh)
eastistočno (EES-toch-noh)
westzapadno (ZAH-pahd'noh)
downhillnizbrdo (NEEZ-buhr-doh)
uphilluzbrdo (OOZ-buhr-doh)

Click on the hyperlinks directly below to find out a list of practical Bosnian travel words that are sorted by theme. For each holiday phrase in Bosnian, you will find the actual English translation.

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