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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Catalan Language

Choose to book a hotel room in Spain? How would you say, I would like to make a reservation for a room in Catalan? Practical Catalan terms for the purpose of making your reservation for a room in lodges or seeking to request a room with a deck. Learn More

Using the Catalan accommodation relevant sentences below, one can learn how to pose your questions in Catalan. Some of these questions include things like: “how many nights you’re reserving for?” and “how much will it cost to book a room?” Eventually, you are able to grasp the responses in Catalan.
Catalan Language Words

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Do you have any rooms available?Teniu alguna habitació disponible? (TEH-nyoo ahl-GOO-nuh ah-bee-tah-THYOH dees-poh-NEE-bleh?)
How much is a room for one person/two people?Quant costa una habitació per una/dues persona/persones? (kwahnt KOHS-tah OO-nuh ah-bee-tah-THYOH pehr OO-nuh/DOO-ehs pehr-SOH-nuh/pehr-SOH-nehs)
Does the room come with...L'habitació té... (lah-bee-tah-THYOH TEH...)
...bedsheets?...llençols? (LLYEH-sohls?)
...a bathroom?...lavabo? (lah-VUH-boh?)
...a telephone?...telèfon? (teh-LEH-fohn?)
...a TV?...televisió? (teh-leh-bee-SYOH?)
May I see the room first?Puc veure l'habitació, abans? (pook beh-OO-reh lah-bee-tuh-THYOH, UH-bahns?)
Do you have anything quieter?No hi ha res més silenciós? (noh ee ha rehs MEHS see-lehn-THYOHS?)
...bigger?...més gran? (MEHS grahn?)
...cleaner?...més net? (MEHS neht?)
...cheaper?...més barat? (MEHS BUH-raht?)
OK, I'll take it.D'acord, l'agafo. (DAH-kohrd, lah-GUH-foh)
I will stay for _____ night(s).Em quedaré _____ nit(s). (ehm keh-duh-REH____neet(s))
Can you suggest another hotel?Em podeu suggerir un altre hotel? (ehm POH-deh-oo soog-ZHEH-reer oon UHL-treh OH-tehl?)
Do you have a safe lockers?Teniu caixa de seguretat? (TEH-new KAI-shuh deh seh-GOO-reh-taht?)
Is breakfast/supper included?L'esmorzar/el sopar estan inclosos? (lehs-MOHR-zahr/ehl SOH-pahr EHS-tahn een-KLOH-sohs?)
What time is breakfast/supper?Quan s'esmorza/se sopa? (kahn sehs-MOHR-zuh/seh SOH-puh?)
Please clean my room.Si us plau, netegeu la meva habitació. (see oos plow, neh-teh-GEH-oo luh MEH-vuh ah-bee-tah-THYOH)
Can you wake me at _____?Em podeu llevar a les _____? (ehm POH-deh-oo LYEH-bahr uh lehs____?)
I want to check out.Vull marxar. (vooly MAHR-shuhr)

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