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Learn How to Say Numbers in Catalan Language

Want to know the way to voice the contact numbers in Catalan? You may want to count up to Twelve in Catalan. You’ll find included both written pronunciations of ways to state the figures when it comes to Catalan language. We can in fact share with you the right way to pronounce great amounts in Catalan simply. Learn More

List of Numbers in Catalan Language

We’ve got pretty much all the Catalan numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, shown below that you will have to study. More …

Catalan Language Words

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To ensure counting the particular numbers found in Catalan easier, we have divided the numbers in to smaller-sized sections. Each one of these internet pages have a brief video you can watch to know the correct pronunciation.
1u/una (Male/Female) (OON/OO-nuh)
2dos/dues (Male/Female) (DOHS/DOO-uhs)
3tres (trehs)
4quatre (KWAH-truh)
5cinc (seenk)
6sis (sees)
7set (seht)
8vuit (BOO-eet), huit (wit)
9nou (NOH-oo)
10deu (DEH-oo)
11onze (OHN-zuh)
12dotze (DOHT-zuh)
13tretze (TREHT-zuh)
14catorze (kuh-TOHR-zuh)
15quinze (KEEN-zuh)
16setze (SEHT-zuh)
17disset (dees-SEHT)
18divuit (dee-BOO-eet)
19dinou (dee-NOH-oo)
20vint (been)
21vint-i-u (been-tee-OO)
22vint-i-dos (been-tee-DOHS)
23vint-i-tres (been-tee-TREHS)
30trenta (TREHN-tuh)
31trenta-u (trehn-tuh-OO)
40quaranta (kwuh-RAHN-tuh)
50cinquanta (seen-KWAHN-tuh)
60seixanta (say-SHAHN-tuh)
70setanta (suh-TAHN-tuh)
80vuitanta (boo-ee-TAHN-tuh)
90noranta (noo-RAHN-tuh)
100cent (SEHN)
200dos-cents/dues-centes (Male/Female)(dohs-SEHNS/doo-wuhz-SEHN-tuhs)
300tres-cents (trehs-SEHNS)
1000mil (MEEL)
2000dos mil (dohs meel)
1,000,000un milió (oon mee-lee-OH)
1,000,000,000mil milions (meel mee-lee-OHNS)
1,000,000,000,000un bilió (oon bee-lee-OHNS)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)número _____ (NOO-muh-roo)
halfmeitat (muhy-TAHT)
lessmenys (MEHNYS)
moremés (MEHS)

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