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How to say money in Catalan

Would like to know the Catalan word for your money? we’ve got listed here an index of Catalan money associated terms there’s a chance you’re wanting when visiting in Catalan speaking countries. Learn More

Travel is usually very costly, subsequently it is necessary to get a decent understanding of Catalan terms for your money similar matters such as exchanging money and business banking. More Info
Catalan Language Words

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Just about every country world wide does have it’s fiscal system. Changing cash in Catalan speaking regions is easily the most frequent banking importance of holidaymakers. Hence, it is necessary that you get the most your money can buy by getting familiar with these common monetary phrases in Catalan.

Dealing With Money in Catalan

You will discover a number of Catalan words that can be used when dealing with money in Spain or simply when acquiring anything at all in stores.

Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?Accepteu dòlars americans/australians/canadencs? (ahk-THEHP-teh-oo DOH-lahrs ah-meh-REE-kahns/ows-TRAH-lyahns/kah-NAH-dehnks?)
Do you accept British pounds?Accepteu lliures esterlines? (ahk-THEHP-teh-oo LYOO-rehs ehs-tehr-LEE-nehs?)
Do you accept credit cards?Accepteu targes de crèdit? (ahk-THEHP-teh-oo TAHR-zhehs deh KREH-deet?)
Can you change money for me?Pot canviar-me diners? (poht KAHN-byahr-meh DEE-nehrs?)
Where can I get money changed?On puc canviar diners? (ohn KAHN-byahr DEE-nehs?)
Can you change a traveler's check for me?Pot canviar-me xecs de viatge? (poht kuhm-bee-AHR-muh shehks duh bee-AHT-zhuh?)
Where can I get a traveler's check changed?On puc canviar xecs de viatge? (ohn pook kuhm-bee-AHR shehks duh bee-AHT-zhuh?)
What is the exchange rate?Quin és el canvi? (keen EHS ehl KUHN-bee?)
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?On hi ha un caixer automàtic? (ohn ee uh oon KAI-shehr ow-toh-MAH-teek?)

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