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Ordering Drinks in Catalan Bar

While inside a Catalan speaking country and you require to purchase a refreshment in a bar or a shop. It’s great to know various Catalan phrases to acquire drinks. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Catalan Language

Dehydrated in Spain or in a region where they talk the Catalan language? We have listed handy Catalan words to purchase refreshments in Catalan language.

Catalan Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol?Teniu alcohol? (...)
Is there table service?Hi ha servei de taules? (...)
A beer/two beers, please.Una cervesa/dues cerveses, si us plau. (...)
A glass of red/white wine, please.Un got de vi negre/blanc, si us plau. (...)
A pint, please.Una pinta de cervesa, si us plau. But most likely a pinta will not be understood, in Catalan speaking Spain it is better to ask for a quinto (KEEN-too) (20 cl), a mitjana (meet-JAH-nuh) (33 cl) or a canya (KA-nyuh) (tap beer).
A bottle, please.Una ampolla, si us plau. (oonuh uhm-POH-lyuh sees-PLOW)
_____ (hard liquor) and _____ (mixer), please._____ amb _____, si us plau. (...)
whiskeywhiskey (...)
vodkavodka (...)
rumrom (...)
wateraigua (I-gwuh)
club sodaclub soda (...)
tonic watertònica (...)
orange juicesuc de taronja (...)
Coke (soda)coca-cola (KOH-kuh-KOH-luh)
Do you have any bar snacks?Teniu alguna cosa per picar? (...)
One more, please.Un altre, si us plau. (...)
Another round, please.Una altra ronda, si us plau. (...)
When is closing time?A quina hora tanqueu? (...)

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