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About Getting Directions in Catalan Language

While exploring in Spain or any nation in which individuals converse in Catalan, have you any idea how to get to your destination? Holidaying in Catalan-speaking nations could be inspiring as well as amazing. Learn More

Then again, it is good to find out tips on how to request directions in Catalan and also to really know what you are advised. Catalan Phrases For Direction
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This kind of Catalan expressions under will assist you to fully understand directions in Catalan.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Catalan

How do I get to _____ ?Com ho faig per arribar a_____ ? (kohm oo FAHCH puhr ah-rree-BAHR uh____?)
...the train station?...a l'estació de tren? (ah lehs-tah-SYOH theh trehn? )
...the bus station?...a l'estació d'autobusos? (ah lehs-tah-SYOH dow-too-BOOS?)
...the closest bus stop?...la pròxima parada? (luh pah-RAH-duh proh-KSEE-muh?)
...the airport?...a l'aeroport? (ah luh-eh-ROH-pohrt?)
...downtown?...al centre? (uhl THEHN-treh?)
...the youth hostel?...a l'alberg de joventut? (uh LAHL-behrg deh zhoh-BEHN-toot?)
...the _____ hotel?...a l'hotel _____? (uh LOH-tehl____?)
...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?...al consulat d'Estats Units/Canadà/Austràlia/Regne Unit? (ahl kohn-SOO-laht dehs-STAHTS OO-neets/kah-nah-DUH/ows-TRAH-lyah/REHG-neh OO-neet?)
Where are there a lot of...On hi ha molts... (ohn ee ah mohlts)
...hotels?...hotels? (oh-TEHLS)
...restaurants?...restaurants? (rehs-tow-RAHNTS?)
...bars?...bars? (bahrs?)
...sites to see?...llocs per visitar? (lyohcs pehr bee-SEE-tahr?)
Can you show me on the map?Pots indicar-me al mapa? (pohts een-DEE-kahr-me uhl MAH-puh?)
streetcarrer (KAHR-reh)
roadcarretera (kahr-REH-teh-ruh)
avenueavinguda (ah-been-GOO-duh)
highwayautopista (ow-toh-PEES-tuh)
boulevardbulevard (boo-LEH-vahrd)
Turn left.Tomba a l'esquerra. (TOHM-bah uh lehs-KEHR-ruh)
Turn right.Tomba a la dreta. (TOHM-bah uh lah DREH-tah)
leftesquerra (ehs-KEH-rruh)
rightdreta (DREH-tuh)
straight aheadendavant (ehn-DAH-bahnt)
towards the_____cap a_____ (cuhp ah_____)
past the_____després de_____ (dehs-PREHS deh____)
before the_____abans de_____ (uh-BAHNS deh____)
Watch for the_____.Vigila el/la/els/les _____. (bee-ZHEE-luh ehl/luh/ehls/lehs____.)
intersectionintersecció (een-tehr-sehk-THYOH)
northnord (nohrt)
southsud (soot)
eastest (ehst)
westoest (OoH-ehst)
uphillcap amunt (kahp AH-moont)
downhillcosta avall (KOHS-tah ah-BAH-lyee)

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