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Catalan Phrases to Get Around

Prior to going on your next escape to Spain or any Catalan speaking region, it is just a great idea to read through a few necessary Catalan travel terminology as well as expressions. Regardless if this specific foreign language just isn’t your powerful suit, and you’re certain people simply cannot get around by with simply English. Learn More

Knowing a number of travel related sentences in Catalan for obtaining trains and finding out how much is the ticket in Catalan goes a long way in aiding your communication with the locals, especially with those of a more mature era who’re significantly less familiar with English language. More..
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Getting Bus and Trains in Catalan

How much is a ticket to _____?Quant val el bitllet per anar a _____? / (kwahnt buhl uhl bee-LYEHT puhr uh-NAHR uh____?)
A single ticket to _____, please.Un bitllet senzill a _____, si us plau. / (oon bee-LYEHT suhn-ZEELY uh____, see oos PLOW)
A return ticket to _____, please.Un bitllet d'anada i tornada a ____, si us plau. / (oon bee-LYEHT duh-NAH-duh ee toor-NAH-duh uh_____, see oos PLOW)
Where does this train/bus go?A on va, aquest tren/autobus? / (uh ohn bah, uh-KEHST trehn/ow-too-BOOS?)
Where is the train/bus to _____?On és el tren/autobus que va a _____? / (ohn EHS uhl trehn/ow-too-BOOS kuh bah uh_____?)
Does this train/bus stop in _____?Aquest tren/autobus para a _____? / (uh-KEHST trehn/ow-too-BOOS PAH-ruh uh_____?)
When does the train/bus for _____ leave?Quan marxa, el tren/autobus que va a _____? / (kwahn MAHR-shuh, uhl trehn/ow-too-BOOS kuh bah uh_____?)
When will this train/bus arrive in _____?Quan arribarà aquest tren/autobus a _____? / (kwahn uh-rree-buh-RAH uh-KEHST trehn/ow-too-BOOS uh____?)

Select the hyperlinks directly below to find a list of useful Catalan holiday key phrases which you’ll find sorted by category. For every holiday phrase in Catalan, you will notice the English translation.

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