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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Czech Language

Desire to book a hotel room in Czech Republic? Tips on how to say, I would like to make a reservation for a room in Czech? Important Czech vocabulary intended for making your reservation for a room in resorts or looking to require a room with a balcony. Learn More

While using the Czech accommodation similar keyword phrases listed below, you will get to express your questions in Czech. A few of these questions include: “how many days you will be booking for?” and “how much does it cost to book a room?” Ideally, it will be possible to recognise the actual responses in Czech.
Czech Language Words

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Do you have any rooms available?Máte volné pokoje? (MAHH-teh VOHL-nair POH-koh-yeh?)
How much is a room for one person/two people?Kolik stojí pokoj pro jednu osobu/dvě osoby? (KOH-lihk STOH-yee POH-koy proh YEHD-nuh OH-soh-buh/dvyeh OH-soh-bih?)
Does the room come with...Je v tom pokoji... (yeh vuh tohm POH-koy-ih)
...bedsheets?...s povlečením? (SPOH-vleh-cheh-neem?)
...a bathroom?...s koupelnou? (SKOH-pehl-nouh?)
...a telephone?...s telefonem? (STEH-leh-fohn-am?)
...a TV?...s televizí? (STEH-leh-vih-zee?)
...a shower?...se sprchou? (SEH-spuhr-khoh?)
May I see the room first?Mohl bych vidět nejprve ten pokoj? (mohl bikh VIH-dyeht NAY-puhr-veh tehn POH-koy?)
Do you have anything quieter?Nemáte něco klidnějšího? (NEH-mahh-teh NYEH-tsoh KLIHD-nyeh-shee-hoh?)
...bigger?...většího? (VYEHT-shee-hoh)
...cleaner?...čistějšího? (CHIHS-tyeh-shee-hoh)
...cheaper?...levnějšího? (LEHV-nyeh-shee-hoh)
It's fine, I'll take it.Je to fajn, vezmu si ho. (YEH-toh fine, VEHZ-muh sih hoh)
I will stay for _____ night(s).Zůstanu zde _____ nocí (if 1, then noc; if 2-4, then noci instead of nocí). (ZOOS-tah-noo zdeh....nohts (NOHTS)/(NOH-tsih)/(NOH-tsee))
Can you suggest another hotel?Můžete mi doporučit jiný hotel? (MOO-zheh-teh mih DOH-poh-roo-chiht YIH-nee HOH-tehl?)
Do you have a safe?Máte trezor/sejf? (MAA-teh tre-sor/sayf?)
...lockers?...skříň (na šaty)? (SKRZHEE-nyeh (nah SHAH-tih))
Is breakfast/supper included?Je to včetně snídaně/večeře? (yeh toh VCHEHT-nyeh SNYEE-dah-nyeh/VEH-cheh-rzheh?)
What time is breakfast/supper?V kolik hodin je snídaně/večeře? (vuh KOH-lihk HOH-dihn yeh SNIH-dah-nyeh/VEH-cheh-rzheh?)
Please clean my room.Ukliďte mi prosím pokoj. (OOK-leej-teh mih PROH-seem POH-koy)
Can you wake me at _____?Mohl byste mě vzbudit v/o _____? (mohl BIHS-teh VUHZ-buh-diht vuh/oh...?)
I want to check out.Chtěl bych se odhlásit. (khtyehl bihkh seh OHD-hlahh-siht)

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