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Do you know what exactly to state when you find yourself having problems in Czech? You may be in a scenario where an individual is troubling you or perhaps you had lost your bag in a nation where they converse in Czech. Learn More

People don’t need to get worried. We gathered a number of Czech words and phrases that you can use in an emergency. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Czech Language

Leave me alone.Nechte mě být. (NEHKH-teh myeh beet)
Don't touch me!Nedotýkejte se mě! (NEH-doh-tee-keh-teh seh myeh!)
I'll call the police.Zavolám policii (ZAH-voh-laam POH-lee-tsee)
Police!Policie! (POH-lee-tsee-eh!)
Stop! Thief!Stůj, (stooyeh) zloději! (ZLOH-dyehy!)
I need your help.Potřebuji vaši pomoc. (POHT-rzheh-boo-yee VAH-shee POH-mots)
It's an emergency.To je nebezpečí. (toh yeh NEH-behz-peh-chee)
I'm lost.Jsem ztracen (YEH-sehm ZTRAH-tsehn)
I've lost my bag.Ztratil jsem tašku (ZTRAH-til yeh-sehm TAHSH-koo)
I've lost my wallet.Ztratil jsem peněženku (ZTRAH-til yeh-sehm PEH-ehh-zhehn-koo)
I'm sick .Je mi špatně. (yeh mee SHPAH-tnehh)
I've been injured.Jsem zraněn (YEH-sehm ZRAH-nehhn)
I need a doctor.Potřebuji doktora (POHT-rgeh-boo-yee DOHK-toh-rah)
Can I use your phone?Mohu použít váš telefon? (MOH-hoo pwoh-zheet vaash TEH-leh-fohn?)

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