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How do we say the Days of the week in Czech language

If you find yourself traveling in Czech Republic and someone asks you in Czech “what day is it today?” you will need to have learned to tell the days of the 7 days in Czech simply. What if somebody asks “when am I going to meet you next?” You’ll need to write the time in Czech perhaps. Make use of our day sentences in Czech under to determine the full week days in Czech. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Czech

dayden (dehn)
nightnoc (nohts)
afternoonodpoledne (OHT-poh-lehd-neh)
morningdopoledne (DOH-poh-lehd-neh)
todaydnes (dnehs)
tonightdnes večer (dnehs VEH-chehr)
yesterdayvčera (FCHEH-rah)
yesterday eveningvčera v noci (FCHEH-rah veh NOH-tsee)
the day before yesterdaypředevčírem (PRZHEH-dehf-chee-rehm)
tomorrowzítra (ZEE-trah)
the day after tomorrowpozítří (POH-zee-trzhee)
this weektento týden (TEHN-toh TEE-dehn)
last weekminulý týden (MIH-noo-lee TEE-dehn)
next weekpříští týden (PRZHEESH-tee TEE-dehn)
Monday is viewed as the first day in week in the Czech Republic.Monday
Tuesdayúterý (OO-teh-ree)
Wednesdaystředa (STRZHEH-dah)
Thursdayčtvrtek (CHTVR-tehk)
Fridaypátek (PAA-tehk)
Saturdaysobota (SOH-boh-tah)
Sundayneděle (NEH-dyeh-leh)

Months in Czech Language

Januaryleden (LEH-dehn)
Februaryúnor (OO-nohr)
Marchbřezen (BRZHEH-zehn)
Aprilduben (DOO-behn)
Maykvěten (KVYEH-tehn)
Junečerven (CHEHR-vehn)
Julyčervenec (CHER-veh-nehts)
Augustsrpen (SAIR-pehn)
Septemberzáří (ZAH-rzhee)
Octoberříjen (RZHEE-yehn)
Novemberlistopad (LEES-toh-pahd)
Decemberprosinec (PROH-see-nehts)

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