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About Getting Directions in Czech Language

Whilst travelling in Czech Republic or any nation where individuals communicate in Czech, are you aware of the best way to your destination? Holidaying in Czech-speaking places could be inspiring as well as amazing. Learn More

Then again, it is always good to figure out how you can request information in Czech and to know very well what you happen to be explained to. Czech Phrases For Direction
Czech Language Words

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The following Czech vocabulary below will let you understand instructions in Czech.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Czech

How do I get to _____ ?Jak se dostanu do/k/na _____ ? (YAHK seh DOHS-tah-noo doh/k/nah?)
...the train station?...na vlakové nádraží? (nah VLAH-koh-vehh NAHH-drah-zhee?)
...the bus station?...na autobusové nádraží? (nah OW-toh-buh-soh-vehh NAH-drah-zhee?)
...the airport?...na letiště? (nah LEH-tihsh-tjeh)
...downtown?...do centra? (doh TSEHN-trah?)
...the youth hostel?...do hostelu/ubytovny pro mládež? (doh HOHS-teh-luh/OO-byh-toh-vnee proh mlah-dezh?)
...the _____ hotel?...do hotelu _____? (doh HOH-teh-luh?)
...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?...k americkému/kanadskému/australskému/britskému konzulátu? (kuh AH-meh-rihts-kehh-muh/KAH-nahds-kehh-muh/OWS-trahls-kehh-muh/BRIHTS-kehh-muh KOHN-zuh-lahh-tuh)
Where are there a lot of...Kde je tu mnoho/hodně... (gdeh yeh tuh MNOH-hoh/HOHD-njeh)
...hotels?...hotelů? (HOH-teh-loo)
...restaurants?...restaurací? (REHS-tow-rah-tsee)
...bars?...barů? (BAHR-doo)
...sites to see?...míst k vidění? (meest kuh VIH-dyeh-nee?)
Can you show me on the map?Můžete mi ukázat na mapě? (MOO-zheh-teh mih UH-kahh-zaht nah MAH-pyeh?)
streetulice (OO-lih-tseh)
road/highwaysilnice (SIHL-nih-tseh)
avenueavenue (AH-veh-new)
boulevardbulvár (BOOL-vaar)
Turn left.Odbočte vlevo. (OHD-bohch-teh VLEH-voh)
Turn right.Odbočte vpravo. (OHD-bohch-teh VPRAH-voh)
leftvlevo (VLEH-voh)
rightvpravo (VPRAH-voh)
straight aheadrovně (ROHV-njeh)
towards the _____směrem k _____ (SMJEH-rehm kuh)
past the _____za _____ (zah)
before the _____před _____ (przhehd)
Watch for the _____.Hledejte _____. (HLEH-day-teh)
intersectionkřižovatka (KRZHIH-zhoh-vaht-kah)
northsever (SEH-vehr)
southjih (yih)
eastvýchod (VEE-khohd)
westzápad (ZAHH-pahd)
uphillnahoru (NAH-hoh-ruh)
downhilldolů (DOH-loo)

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