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Ordering Drinks in Czech Bar

When inside a Czech speaking place and you have to buy a cocktail at a bar or simply a store. It is always good to recognize a few Czech terms to get drinks. Learn More

List of Phrases For Ordering Food and Drinks in Czech Language

Dehydrated in Czech Republic or perhaps in a place where they talk the Czech language? We have got detailed useful Czech words and phrases to purchase drinks in Czech language.

Czech Language Words

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Do you serve alcohol?Podáváte alkohol? (poh-dahh-VAHH-teh ahl-KOH-hohl?)
Is there table service?Obsluhuje se tu? (ohbsloohooye se too?)
A beer/two beers, please.(Jedno) pivo/dvě piva, prosím. ((YEHD-noh) PIH-voh/dvyeh PIH-vah, PROH-seem)
Becherovka, please.Becherovku, prosím. (beh-kheh-ROHF-kuh, PROH-seem)
A glass of red/white wine, please.Sklo červené/bílé víno, prosím. (skloh CHEHR-veh-nehh/BEE-lehh VEE-noh, PROH-seem)
Half a litre, please.Půl litru, prosím. (pool LIH-truh, PROH-seem)
A bottle, please.Láhev, prosím. (LAHH-hehf, PROH-seem)
whiskeywhiskey (VEES-kee)
vodkavodka (VOHD-kah)
rumrum (ruhm)
watervoda (VOH-dah)
club sodalimonáda (lih-moh-NAHH-dah)
tonic watertonik (TOH-nihk)
orange juicepomerančový džus (POH-meh-rahn-choh-vee joos)
Coke (soda)kola (KOH-lah)
Do you have any bar snacks?Máte něco pro chuť? (MAHH-teh NYEH-tsoh proh khootch?)
One more, please.Ještě jedno, prosím. (YEHSH-tyeh YEHD-noh, PROH-seem)
Another round, please.Ještě jednou, prosím. (YEHSH-tyeh YEHD-now, PROH-seem)
When is closing time?Kdy zavíráte? (kdih zah-vee-RAHH-teh?)
Cheers!Na zdraví! (nah ZDRAH-vee!)

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