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About Ordering Food in Czech

Hungry? How to start buying meals in Czech? These are typically many of the questions you will have whenever visiting in a Czech speaking region. Learn More

Regardless if you are intending to reside in a Czech speaking country or intending on a brief visit there, learning how to order food in Czech is essential. Going out at Czech eateries and bistros is usually a lot of excitement, particularly if you know some rudimentary Czech restaurant vocabulary. More …
Czech Language Words

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We’ve detailed various familiar meal relevant words in Czech, listed below, wishing some may assist you if you are ordering meals in Czech.

Speaking Czech When Eating Out

Click here to read the Czech meal words and phrases readily that can be used for purchasing dinner in Czech dining places and cafes.

A table for one person/two people, please.Stůl pro dvě osoby, prosím. (stool proh dvyeh OH-soh-bih, PROH-seem)
Can I look at the menu, please?Můžu se podívat na jídelní lístek, prosím? (MOO-zhoo seh poh-DEE-vaht nah yee-DEHL-nee LEES-tehk, PROH-seem?)
Can I look in the kitchen?Můžu se podívat do kuchyně? (MOO-zhoo seh poh-DEE-vaht doh koo-CHIH-nyeh?)
Is there a house specialty?Tohle je zdejší specialita? (TOH-leh yeh ZDAY-shee speh-TSYAH-lih-tah?)
Is there a local specialty?Tohle je specialita podniku? (TOH-leh yeh speh-TSYAH-lih-tah pohd-NIH-kuh?)
I'm a vegetarian.Jsem vegetarián. (ysehm veh-geh-TAH-ryahhn)
I don't eat pork.Nejím vepřové (maso). (NEH-yeem VEH-przhoh-vehh (MAH-soh))
I don't eat beef.Nejím hovězí (maso). (NEH-yeem hoh-VYEH-zee (MAH-soh))
I only eat kosher food.Jím jenom košer jídlo. (yeem YEH-nohm KOH-shehr YEED-loh)
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)Mohl byste to udělat bez tuku, prosím? (mohl BIHS-teh toh oo-DYEH-laht behz TOO-koo, PROH-seem?)
fixed-price mealmenu (MEH-noo)
a la cartedenní menu/jídelní lístek (DEHN-nee MEH-noo/yee-DEHL-nee LEES-kehk)
breakfastsnídaně (SNEE-dah-nyeh)
lunchoběd (OH-byehd)
tea (meal)svačina (SVAH-chih-nah)
suppervečeře (VEH-cheh-rzheh)
I would like_____.Chtěl bych _____. (khtyehl bihkh....)
spoonlžíce (LZHEE-tseh)
forkvidlička (vih-DLIH-tshka)
knifenůž (noozh)
platetalíř (TAH-leerzh)
glasssklenice (skleh-NIH-tseh)
napkinubrousek (UH-bhr-ow-shek)
I want a dish containing _____.Chtěl bych chod obsahující _____. (khtyehl bihkh chohd ohb-sah-HOO-yee-tsee...)
chickenkuře (KOO-rzheh)
beefhovězí (hoh-VYEH-zee)
fishrybu (RIH-boo)
hamšunku (SHOON-koo)
sausagesalám (SAH-laam)
cheesesýr (seer)
eggsvejce (VAY-tseh)
saladsalát (SAH-laat)
(fresh) vegetables(čerstvou) zeleninu ((CHEHRST-voh-uh) zeh-leh-NIH-noo)
(fresh) fruit(čerstvé) ovoce ((CHEHRST-vehh) oh-VOH-tseh)
breadchleba (KHLEH-bah)
toasttoust (towst)
noodlesnudle (NOO-dleh)
ricerýži (REE-zhih)
beansfazole (FAH-zoh-leh)
May I have a glass of _____?Mohl bych dostat sklenici _____? (mohl bihkh DOHS-taht skleh-NIH-tsih....?)
May I have a cup of _____?Mohl bych dostat šálek _____? (mohl bihkh DOHS-taht SHAHH-lehk....?)
May I have a bottle of _____?Mohl bych dostat láhev _____? (mohl bihkh DOHS-taht LAHH-hehf....?)
coffeekávy/kafe (KAHH-vih/KAH-feh)
tea (drink)čaje (CHAH-yeh)
juicedžusu (JUH-suh)
(bubbly) water(bublinky) voda. ((boo-BLIHN-kih) VOH-dah)
watervoda (VOH-dah)
beerpivo (PIH-voh)
May I have some _____?Můžete mi přinést _____? (moo-ZHEH-teh mih PRZHIH-nehhst...?)
saltsůl (sool)
black pepperčerný pepř (CHEHR-nee pehprzh)
buttermáslo (MAHHS-loh)
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)Promiňte, číšníku? (proh-MIHNY-teh, cheesh-NEE-koo?)
I'm finished.Dojedl jsem. (DOH-yehdl ysehm)
It was delicious.Bylo to výborné. (BIH-loh toh vee-BOHR-nyeh)
Please clear the plates.Odneste talíře, prosím. (ohd-NEHS-teh tah-LEE-feh, PROH-seem)
The check, please.Zaplatím, prosím. (ZAH-plah-teem, PROH-seem)

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