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Phrases to Help You Book a Hotel Room in Filipino Language

Desire to book a hotel room in Philippines? Tips on how to say, I’d like to make a reservation for a room in Filipino? Helpful Filipino vocabulary for selecting a room in hotels or wanting to ask for a room with a veranda. Learn More

While using the Filipino accommodation relevant phrases listed here, one can learn how to pose your questions in Filipino. Most of these questions include things like: “how many days you will be booking for?” or “how much does it cost to book a room?” Subsequently, it will be possible to figure out the actual replies in Filipino.
Filipino Language Words

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Do you have any rooms available?Meron ba kayong kwarto na hindi ginagamit? (...)
How much is a room for one person/two people?Magkano ang isang kwarto para sa isang/dalawang tao? (...)
Does the room come with...Kasama ba sa kwarto ang______ ? (...)
...bedsheets?...kumot? (koo-MOT)
...a bathroom?...banyo? (BAHN-yoh)
...a telephone?...telepono? (te-LE-poh-NOH)
...a TV?...TV? (TV)
Can I see the room first?Pwede bang makita muna ang kwarto? (...)
Do you have anything quieter?Meron ba kayong mas tahimik? (...)
...bigger?...mas malaki? (...)
...cleaner?...mas malinis? (...)
...cheaper?...mas mura? (')
OK, I'll take it.Sige, kukunin ko. (...)
I will stay for _____ night(s).Mag iistay ako ng _____ gabi. (...)
Can you suggest another hotel?Pwede ba kayong mag-suggest ng ibang hotel? (...)
Do you have a safe?Meron ba kayong safe?? (...)
...lockers?...lockers? (...)
Is breakfast/supper included?Kasama ba ang almusal/hapunan? (...)
What time is breakfast/lunch/supper?Anong oras ang almusal/tanghalian/hapunan? (...)
Please clean my room.Pakilinis ang aking kwarto. (...)
Can you wake me up at _____ ( e.g. ten o'clock AM) ?Pwede mo ba akong gisingin ng _____(e.g. alas diyes ng umaga)? (...)
I want to check out.Gusto ko nang mag-check-out. (...')
Who's knocking the door?Sino ang kumakatok sa pinto?
Who's there?Sino yan?
The toilet is not working.Sira ang inidoro.

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