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Dealing With Authorities in Filipino Language

When you are venturing in Philippines or maybe any nation where they speak Filipino and you really are in an emergency situation, handling authorities for instance the police in Filipino could be daunting. You need to know at the very least the essential Filipino sentences for emergencies that may help you call your country’s consulate. Learn More

List of Filipino Phrases For Emergencies

Filipino Language Words

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I haven't done anything wrong.Wala akong nagawang masama. (...)
It was a misunderstanding.Hindi yun pagkakaunawaan. (...)
Hindi lang po nagkaintindihan. (...)Where are you taking me?
Saan mo/niyo ako dadalhin? (Use mo if you are talking to one person and niyo or nyo if you are talking to two or more people)Am I under arrest?
Aarestuhin mo ba ako? (...)Where's the warrant?
Saan ang warrant?I am an American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen.
Ako ay isang mamamayang Amerikano/Britano/Kanadyano. (Formal)(...)American/Australian/British/Canadian citizen ako(Casual) . (...)
I want to talk to the American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate.Gusto kong makipagusap sa American/Australian/British/Canadian embassy/consulate. (...)
I want to talk to a lawyer.Gusto kong makipagusap sa abogado. (GOOS-toh koh ma-KEY-PAHG-OOH-SAHP sah ah-boh-GAH-do)
Can I just pay a fine now?Pwede na lang ba akong magbayad ng multa? (...)
JudgeHukom or Huwas
CourtHukuman or Korte
JailBilangguan or Kulungan

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