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About Ordering Food in Filipino

Hungry? How to start buying meals in Filipino? These are several of the inquiries you’ll have whenever venturing in a Filipino speaking region. Learn More

Regardless of whether you’re about to live in a Filipino speaking country or going on a quick holiday there, knowing how to order meals in Filipino is necessary. Dining out at Filipino restaurants and cafes is usually a lot of fun, especially if you know some basic Filipino restaurant words. More …
Filipino Language Words

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Now we have detailed numerous common meal related sentences in Filipino, down below, with the hope some may help you while you are ordering dinner in Filipino.

Speaking Filipino When Eating Out

Please click here to find out the Filipino dinner keyword phrases readily you can use when it comes to buying meals in Filipino eating places and coffee shops.

A table for one person/two people, please.Mesa para sa isa/dalawang katao, please. (...)
Can I look at the menu, please?Pwedeng makita ang menu, please? (pweh-deng mah-kee-tah ahng meh-noo)
Can I look in the kitchen?Pwedeng makita ang kusina? (pweh-deng mah-kee-tah ahng koo-see-nah)
Where's the bathroom/washroom?Nasaan ang C.R.? (nah-sah-ahn ahng see-ar)
Is there a house specialty?Meron ba kayong specialty? (meh-ron bah kah-yong spe-shal-tee)
Is there a local specialty?Meron ba kayong local specialty? (...)
I'm a vegetarian.Vegetarian ako. (...)
I don't eat pork.Hindi ako kumakain ng baboy. (Heendee ako koomah-kain nang ba-boy)
I don't eat beef.Hindi ako kumakain ng karne. (...)
I only eat kosher food.Kosher lang ang kinakain ko. (...)
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)Pwede mong gawing "lite", please? (...)
It's salty.Maalat ito
It's so sweet.Napakatamis nito
It's so spicy.Napakaanghang ito
fixed-price mealfixed-price meal (...)
à la cartea la carte (...)
breakfastalmusal (al-moo-sal)
lunchtanghalian (tang-hah-lee-ahn)
snack (meal)meriyenda ('mer-yen-dah)
supperhapunan (ha-poo-nan)
I want _____.Gusto ko ng _____. (GOOS-to koh)
I want a dish called _____.Gusto ko ng ulam na _____. (...)
chickenmanok (mah-nok)
beefkarne (kar-ne)
fishisda (is-DAH)
hamhamon (...)
sausagelongganisa (local sausage) (...)
cheesekeso (keh-soh)
eggsitlog (eet-LOG)
saladensalada (...)
(fresh) vegetables(sariwang) gulay (goo-LIE)
(fresh) fruit(sariwang) prutas (proo-TAS)
breadtinapay (ti-nah-PIE)
toasttoast (...)
noodlespansit or noodles (...)
ricekanin (KA-nin)/bigas (bee-GAS, used for uncooked rice)
beansbeans (...)
rawhilaw (HEElaw)
cookedluto (LOOto)
fried chicken/fish/eggpritong manok/isda/itlog
saltasin (uh-SEEN)
cooking oilmantika (man-TEE-ka)
black pepperpaminta(...)
soy saucetoyo(to-yo)
buttermargarina or mantikilya (...)
Can/May I have a glass of _____?Pwedeng/Maaaring makahingi ng isang basong _____? (pweh-deng/mah-ah-ring mah-kah-hee-ngi nahng ee-sang bah-song)
Can/May I have a cup of _____?Pwedeng/Maaring makahingi ng isang tasang_____? (...)
Can/May I have a bottle of _____?Pwedeng/Maaaring makahingi ng isang boteng _____? (...)
coffeekape (ka-FEH)
tea (drink)tsaa (cha-AH)
iced teaiced tea (no direct translation)
juicejuice (...)
watertubig (TOO-BEEG)
beerserbesa(formal), beer(casual)(...)
red/white winered/white wine (...)
May I have some _____?Maaaring makahingi ng_____? (...)
dessertpanghimagas(formal), dessert(casual) (...)
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)Excuse me, waiter? (...)
I'm finished/done.Tapos na ako. or Tapos na akong kumain. (tah-pohs NAH uh-KOH or tah-pohs NAH uh-KOHNG KOO-mah-in)
It was delicious.Masarap ang pagkain. (muh-suh-RAHP yan)
Please clean the table.Pakilinis ang mesa. (...)
Can I get the bill, please.Yung bill, please. (...)

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