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How to say money in Filipino

Want to know the Filipino word cash? we’ve listed here a number of Filipino money associated phrases you may be needing when visiting in Filipino speaking cities. Learn More

Travelling is usually very costly, for that reason it is necessary to get a decent understanding of Filipino terminology for money related points such as exchanging money and business banking. More Info
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Every country everywhere has its own money system. Dealing with cash in Filipino speaking cities is the most common banking desire for vacationers. For this reason, it is crucial that you obtain the most your money can buy by getting knowledgeable about these basic financial phrases in Filipino.

Dealing With Money in Filipino

We have a number of Filipino words which you can use whenever exchanging money in Philippines or simply when acquiring a little something in shops.

Do you accept ...Tumatanggap ba kayo ng ... (Too-mah-tang-GAP ba ka-YO nang...)
... credit cards?... credit card?
... checks?... tseke? (CHE-ke)
... dollars?... dolyares? (dol-YAH-res)
Can you change my money to _____?Pwede mo bang papalitan ang pera ko sa _____? (PWE-de moh BANG pa-pa-li-TAN ang PE-ra ko sa _____)
I want to change my money to Philippine pesos.Gusto kong papalitan ang pera ko sa peso. (Goose-toh kong pa-pa-li-TAN ang PE-ra ko sa pe-so)
Where can I get my money changed?Saan pwedeng magpapalit ng pera? (Sa-AHN PWE-deng MAG-pa-pa-lit nang PE-ra?)
Can you change a traveler's check for me?Pwede bang papalitan ang tseke ko? (PWE-de BANG pa-pa-li-TAN ang CHE-ke ko?)
Where can I get a traveler's check changed?Saan ko pwedeng papalitan ang tseke ko? (Sa-AHN ko PWE-deng pa-pa-li-TAN ang CHE-ke ko?)
What is the exchange rate in _____?Magkano ang palitan sa _____? (Mag-KA-noh ang pa-LI-tan sa _____)
Where is the ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)?Saan merong ATM? (Sah-AHN MEH-rong ATM?)
I want to withdraw money from an ATM.Gusto kong mag-withdraw (sa ATM). (Goose-toh kong mag-with-draw)

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