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How do we say the Days of the week in Filipino language

If you are traveling in Philippines and someone questions you in Filipino “what day is it today?” you have got to learn how to tell the days of the full week in Filipino quickly and easily. What if people asks “when am I going to meet you next?” You will need to write the time in Filipino maybe. Use our day time sentences in Filipino below to know the full week days in Filipino. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Filipino

The Filipino language borrowed its terms for the days of the week and months of the year from the Spanish language.
todayngayon (nga-yohn)
yesterdaykahapon (ka-HA-pon)
tomorrowbukas (BOO-kas)
this weekngayong linggo (nga-YONG ling-go)
last weeknakaraang linggo (na-ka-ra-ang ling-go)
next weeksa isang linggo (sah EE-sahng LEENG-goh)
SundayLinggo (LEENG-goh)
MondayLunes (LOO-nehs)
TuesdayMartes (MAHR-tehs)
WednesdayMiyerkoles (myehr-KOH-lehs)
ThursdayHuwebes (hoo-WEH-behs)
FridayBiyernes (BYEHR-nehs)
SaturdaySabado (sah-BAH-doh)

Months in Filipino Language

JanuaryEnero (eh-NEH-roh)
FebruaryPebrero (peh-BREH-roh)
MarchMarso (MAHR-soh)
AprilAbril (AH-breel)
MayMayo (MAH-yoh)
JuneHunyo (HOON-nyoh)
JulyHulyo (HOO-lyoh)
AugustAgosto (ah-GOHS-toh)
SeptemberSetyembre (seh-TYEHM-breh)
OctoberOktubre (ohk-TOO-breh)
NovemberNobyembre (noh-BYEHM-breh)
DecemberDisyembre (dee-SYEHM-breh)

Click on the hyperlinks directly below to find a list of helpful Filipino holiday key phrases which you’ll find structured by category. For every travel word or phrase in Filipino, you will find the actual English translation.

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