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Alphabet in Slovak Language

Understanding the Slovak alphabet is essential in learning the Slovak Language. Slovak alphabet configuration is put into use in a day-to-day conversation. With out the Slovak alphabet, it is impossible to say the Slovak terms correctly even if anyone can write those key phrases in Slovak. Learn More

Like in any language, the better a person articulate a letter in a word, the easier understood you’ll be in conversing in the Slovak language. Listed below are web links which guides you to the Slovak alphabet and exactly how it is actually pronounced in English.
Slovak Language Words

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Vowels in Slovak Alphabet

alike 'a' in "amigo" [ah]
älike 'a' in "fat" [a] at times it gives out a 'e' sound in "egg" [eh]
elike 'e' in "bet" [eh]
ilike 'i' in "it" [ih]
olike 'o' in "sport" [oh]
ulike 'oo' in "book" [oo]
ylike 'i' in "wick" [ih] a short 'i' sound
álike 'a' in "far" ( long a sound ) [aa]
élike 'é' in "bled" ( long e sound ) [ehh]
ílike 'ee' in "see" ( long i sound ) [ee]
ólike 'oo' in "door" ( long o sound ) [ohh]
úlike 'u' in "flute" ( long u sound ) [oo]
ýlike 'ee' in "weep" ( long y sound ) [ee]

Consonants in Slovak Alphabet

blike 'b' in "baby"
clike 'ts' in "bets"
člike 'ch' in "church"
dlike 'd' in "day"
ďlike 'dge' in "edge" [more of a 'j' sound in 'judge']
DZlike 'ds' in "roads"
like 'j' in "juice"
flike 'f' in "fine"
glike 'g' in "game" ( hard g sound )
hlike 'h' in "hot", regardless of its position in the word
CHhard aspirated sound like the 'ch' in "loch"
jlike 'y' in "yes"
klike 'k' in "kick"
llike 'l' in "luck"
ĺ( hold this l a little longer ); seldom used [similar to the 'll' in "call"]
ľlike the 'ly' in "halyard"
mlike 'm' in "moon"
nlike 'n' in "nine"
ňlike 'ny' in "canyon"
ôlike 'wa' in "want"
plike 'p' in "paper"
qlike 'q' in "quest"
rlike spanish 'r' in "rico" ( slightly trilled )
ŕlike spanish 'rr' in "carro" ( longer trilled )
slike 's' in "son"
šlike 'sh' in "fish"
tlike 't' in "hot"
ťlike 'tu' in "tune" [end of words gives off a palatal 'tch' sound in "snitch"]
vlike 'v' in "van"
wlike 'v' in "vest" [only used in foreign words]
xlike 'ks' in "bricks"
zlike 'z' in "zero"
žlike 'su' in "pleasure"

Semi Vowels/ Diphthongs in Slovak Alphabet

aulike the 'ow' in "cow"
ialike 'ia' in "piano"
ielike 'ea' in "fear"
iulike 'ew' in "new"
ôlike 'wo' in "woke"

Like Czech, stress in Slovak usually falls on the first syllable , but try not to exaggerate it as it would be in English or in German.

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