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If you’re in Slovakia or maybe a Slovak speaking state, ever wondered the best ways to tell the actual time in Slovak? Telling the actual time in Slovak is dependant on understanding the Slovak numbers as well as some rules regarding the hours, minutes and seconds in Slovak. Learn More

In this site, you’ll find out quickly ways to tell the time when it comes to Slovak using the following phrases for:
Slovak Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Slovak Language

In the morning.ráno/dopoludnia (RAA-noh/DOH-poh-luhd-nyah)
In the afternoon.Popoludní. (POH-poh-luhd-nee)
In the evening.Večer. (VEH-chehr)
nowteraz (TEH-rahs)
laterneskoršie (NEHS-kohr-shee-eh)
beforepred (prehd)
afterpo (poh)
morningráno (RAA-noh)
afternoonpopoludní (POH-poh-luhd-nee)
eveningvečer (VEH-chehr)
nightnoc (nohts)

Need to know precisely how to say five o-clock in Slovak? Make use of the key phrases below to assist you to tell the existing time on the actual clock in Slovak.
What date is it today?Koľkého je dnes? (KOH-ehl-keh-hoh yeh dnehs)
What time is it?Koľko je hodín? (KOHL-koh yeh HOH-deen)
It's_____o'clock.Je jedna hodina. (yeh yednah HOH-dee-nah)/ Sú dve/tri/štyri hodiny (sooh duh-vah/trih/shtih-rih HOH-dee-nee)/ Je _____ hodín (for more than 5) (yeh _____ HOH-dee-n)

Take advantage of the standard Slovak terms to determine the time duration for instance a Year, Week and a Month in Slovak language.
I'm going to stay for...Zostanem tu... (ZOHS-tah-nehm too)
_____ minute(s)_____minúta(út) (MEE-nooh-tah(oot))
_____ hour(s)_____hodina(ín) (HOH-dih-nah(een))
_____ day(s)_____deň(ní) (dehnyeh(nee))
_____ week(s)_____týždeň(ňov) (TEEZH-dehnyeh(nyohv))
_____ month(s)_____mesiac(ov) (MEH-syahts(ohv))
_____ year(s)_____rok(ov) (rohk(ohv))

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