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About the Colours in Slovak

If you find yourself contemplating to take a shopping spree in Slovakia or a Slovak speaking nation, make sure you learn the colours in Slovak language. Names of colours in Slovak comes in very invaluable if you are seeking for extra options in many goods your are thinking to buy. Learn More

On this web page, you can certainly learn to reveal the names of several colours in Slovak. We believe by reading through and understanding the Slovak color chart beneath, you are able to know more or less all typically the major colours in Slovak.
Slovak Language Words

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Slovak Colours List

blackčierna (CHYEHR-nah)
bluemodrá (MOH-draa)
brownhnedá (HNEH-daa)
greenzelená (ZEH-leh-naa)
orangeoranžová (OHRAHN-zhoh-vaa)
pinkružová (ROO-zhoh-vaa)
purplefialová (FYAH-loh-vaa)
redčervená (CHEHR-veh-naa)
whitebiela (BYEH-lah)
yellowžltá (ZHUL-taa)
grayšedá (SHEH-daa)

Click on the links directly below to find out a list of beneficial Slovak holiday words which are structured by group. For every travel phrase in Slovak, you will see the English translation.

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