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About Ordering Food in Slovak

Hungry? How to go about placing your order meals in Slovak? These include a number of the questions you will have whenever visiting in a Slovak speaking destination. Learn More

Regardless of whether you’re about to live in a Slovak speaking country or going on a short break there, understanding how to order meals in Slovak is very important. Dining out at Slovak eateries and bistros is usually a lot of fun, especially if you know some basic Slovak restaurant vocabulary. More …
Slovak Language Words

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We’ve stated some common food related words and phrases in Slovak, here, with the hope they are able to assist you while you’re purchasing food items in Slovak.

Speaking Slovak When Eating Out

Please click here to master the Slovak food sentences quite simply which you can use for buying food items in Slovak eating places and cafes.

A table for one person/two people, please.Stôl pre jednu osobu / dve osoby, prosím. (STOO-OHL preh YEHD-noo OH-soh-boo/ dveh OH-soh-bih, PROH-seem)
Can I look at the menu, please?Môžem sa pozrieť na jedálny lístok, prosím? (MWOH-zhehm sah POH-zryehtch nah YEH-dahhl-nih LEES-tohk, PROH-seem)
Can I look in the kitchen?Môžem sa pozrieť do kuchyne? (MWOH-zhehm sah POH-zryehtch doh KOO-kynyeh?)
Is there a house specialty?Je tunajšia špecialita? (yah TOO-nai-shyah SHPEH-tsyah-lih-tah?)
Is there a local specialty?Je tu miestna špecialita? (yah too MYEHS-tnah SHPEH-tsyah-lih-tah?)
I'm a vegetarian.Ja som vegetarián. (yah sohm VEH-geh-tah-ryahhn)
I don't eat pork.Nejem bravčové. (NYEH-yehm BRAHF-choh-vehh)
I don't eat beef.Nejem hovädzie mäso. (NYEH-yehm HOH-veh-dsyeh MEH-soh)
I only eat kosher food.Jem len kóšer jedlo. (yehm lehn KOHH-shehr YEHD-loh)
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)Mohli by ste to urobiť "lite", prosím? (MOH-lih bih styeh toh OO-roh-bihtch "lait", PROH-seem?)
fixed-price mealPevná cena za jedlo (PEHV-nahh TSEH-nah zah YEHD-loh)
a la carteà la carte (lah kahrt)
breakfastraňajky (RAH-nyaih-kih)
lunchobed (OH-dehd)
tea (meal)čaj (chai)
supper/dinnervečera (VEH-cheh-rah)
I want _____.Chcem _____. (khtsehm_____)
I want a dish containing _____.Chcem jedlo, obsahujúce _____. (khtsehm yehd-loh, OHB-sah-hoo-yoo-tseh____)
chickenkur(č)a (KUH-(ch)ah)
beefhovädzie mäso (HOH-vad-zyeh MA-soh)
fishryba (RIH-bah)
hamšunka (SHOON-kuh)
sausageklobása (KLOH-bahh-sah)
cheesesyr (sihr)
eggsvajcia (VAI-tsyah)
saladšalát (SHAH-lahht)
(fresh) vegetables(čerstvú) zeleninu ((CHEHRS-tvoo) ZEH-leh-nee-noo)
(fresh) fruit(Čerstvé) ovocie ((CHEHRS-tvehh) OH-voh-tsyeh)
breadchlieb (khlyehb)
toastopekaný chlieb (OH-peh-kah-noo khlyehb)
noodlesrezance/slíže (REH-zahn-tseh/SLEEH-zheh)
riceryža (RIH-zhah)
beansfazuľa (FAH-zoo-lyah)
May I have a glass of _____?Môžem mať pohár _____? (MWAH-zhehm mahtch POH-haar______?)
May I have a cup of _____?Môžem mať šálku _____? (MWAH-zhehm mahtch SHAAL-kooh____?)
May I have a bottle of _____?Môžem mať fľašu _____? (MWAH-zhehm mahtch FLYAH-shoo___?)
coffeekáva (KAHH-vah)
tea (drink)čaj (chai)
juicedžús (joos)
(bubbly) watersódovka ((SOH-dohv-kah) )
watervoda (VOH-dah)
beerpivo (PEE-voh)
red/white winečervené/biele víno (CHEHR-veh-neh/BYEH-leh VEE-noh)
May I have some _____?Môžete mi dať _____? (MWAH-zhe -teh mee dahtch ___?)
saltsoľ (sohl)
black pepperčierne korenie (TCHYEHR-neh KOH-reh-nyieh)
buttermaslo (MAHS-loh)
Excuse me, waiter/waitress? (getting attention of server)Prepáčte, čašník/čašníčka? (PREH-paach-tyeh, CHAHSH-neek/CHAHSH-neech-kah?)
I'm finished.Ja som skončil. (yah sohm SKOHN-chihl)
It was delicious.Bolo to vynikajúce. (BOH-loh toh VIH-nih-kai-oo-tseh)
Please, clear the plates.Prosím, odneste taniere. (PROH-seem, OHD-nyehstch TAH-nyeh-reh)
The check, please.Šek, prosím. (shehk, PROH-seem)

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