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Do you know what exactly to say when you find yourself having problems in Slovak? You could be in a scenario where a person is troubling you or perhaps you had misplaced your travelling bag in a region in which they speak Slovak. Learn More

You do not need to be concerned. We put together a number of Slovak words and phrases that you can use in desperate situations. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Slovak Language

Go away!Choď preč! (KHOD PRECH)
I'll call the police.Zavolám políciu. (ZAH-voh-laam POH-leeet-syiuh)
Help!Pomoc! (POH-mohts)
Thief!Zlodej! (ZLOH-dehj)
Call the police.Zavolajte políciu. (zah-VOH-lahj-teh POH-leeet-syiuh)
It's an emergency.Treba pomoc. (TREH-bah POH-mohts)
Can you help me, please?Môžete mi prosím pomôct? (mwoh-ZHEH-teh mi PROH-seeem POH-mwohtst)
I need your helpPotrebujem tvoju pomoc (POH-treh-boo-yehm tvoy-oo POH-mohts)
I'm lost.Nevyznám sa tu. (neh-VIZ-naam sah too)
Could I please use the telephone?Môžem prosím použiť telefón? (MWOH-zhem PROH-seeem PWOH-zhee-tuh teh-LEH-fawn)
Where are the toilets?Kde sú tu záchody? (gdeh soo too zaa-KOH-dee)

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