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About Getting Directions in Slovak Language

While venturing in Slovakia or any region where individuals speak Slovak, are you aware of the best way to your holiday destination? Commuting in Slovak-speaking areas can be fascinating and also adventurous. Learn More

Nonetheless, it’s essential to know ways to request instructions in Slovak as well as understand what you happen to be advised. Slovak Phrases For Direction
Slovak Language Words

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This kind of Slovak vocabulary down below will assist you to have an understanding of instructions in Slovak.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Slovak

Where's...?Kde je...? (kdeh yeh)
Is it far? / near?Je to odtiaľto ďaleko? / blízko? (yeh toh ohd-TEE-ah-ehl-toh dew-AH-leh-koh / BLEEZ-koh)
Can I walk there?Dá sa tam ísť peši? (daa sah tahm eestoo PEH-shee)
How do I get to _____ ?Ako sa dostanem ______? (AH-koh sah DOHS-tah-nehm ...?)
...the train station?...na vlakovú stanicu? (nah VLAH-koh-voo STAH-nee-tsuh?)
...the bus station?...na autobusovú stanicu? (nah OW-toh-boo-soo-voo STAH-nee-tsuh?)
...the airport?...na letisko? (nah LEH-tihs-koh?)
...downtown?...do centra mesta? (doh TSEHN-trah MEHS-tah?)
...the youth hostel?...do ubytovne pre mládež? (doh OO-byh-toh-vneh pre MLAH-dezh?)
...the _____ hotel?...k hotelu____? (k HOH-tehloo?)
...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?...k americkému/kanadskému/austrálskemu/britskému konzuláte? (k AH-meh-rihts-kehh-moo/KAH-nahds-kehh-moo/OWS-trahhls-keh-moo/BRIHTS-kehh-moo KOHN-zoo-lahh-teh?)
Where are there a lot of...Kde je tam veľa... (kdyeh yeh tahm VEH-lyah)
...hotels?...hotelov? (HOH-teh-lov)
...restaurants?...reštaurácií? (REHSH-tow-rahh-tsee-yee?)
...bars?...barov? (BAH-rohw?)
...sites to see?...atrakcií/zaujímavostí? (ATH-rak-tsee-yee/SA-oo-yee-mah-vos-tee?)
Can you show me on the map?Môžete mi ukázať na mape? (MWOH-zheh-tyeh mih OO-kahh-zahtch nah MAH-peh?)
streetulica (OO-lih-tsah)
Turn left.Odbočte vľavo. (OHD-bohch-tyeh VLYAH-voh)
Turn right.Zabočte vpravo. (ZAH-bohch-tyeh FPRAH-voh)
leftvľavo (VLYAH-voh)
rightvpravo (FPRAH-voh)
straight aheadrovno (ROHF-noh)
towards the _____smerom k _____ (SMEH-rohm kuh)
past the _____okolo _____ (OH-koh-loh)
before the _____pred _____ (pryehd)
Watch for the _____.Hľadajte _____. (HLYAH-dai-teh....)
intersectionpriesečník (PRYEH-sehch-neek)
northsever (SEH-vehr)
southjuh (yookh)
eastvýchod (VEE-khohd)
westzápad (ZAHH-pahd)
uphilldo kopca (doh KOHP-tsah)
downhillz kopca (zuh KOHP-tsah)

Select the links below to see a number of helpful Slovak travel words that are structured by group. For every travel word or phrase in Slovak, you will notice the English interpretation.

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