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How to say money in Slovak

Would like to know the Slovak word for money? we’ve got right here a list of Slovak money related terms you most likely are in need of when travelling in Slovak speaking places. Learn More

Holidaying is generally extremely expensive, for this reason it is essential to get a very good knowledge of Slovak terms for money similar matters such as trading money and banking. More Info
Slovak Language Words

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Every single country worldwide features its own fiscal system. Changing cash in Slovak speaking regions is considered the most frequent banking requirement for tourists. Consequently, it is crucial that you get the most for your money by getting knowledgeable about these typical financial terms in Slovak.

Dealing With Money in Slovak

We have a variety of Slovak phrases which can be employed whenever exchanging money in Slovakia or even when pruchasing anything at all in shops.

moneypeniaze (peh-NYAH-zeh)
coinsmince (MEEN-tseh)
credit cardkreditná karta (kreh-DEET-naa KAHR-tah)
bankdraftbanková zmenka (bahn-KOH-vaa ZMEHN-kah)
banknotesbankovky (bahn-KOH-vih)
I want to exchange some money/ travelers checks.Chcem zameniť peniaze / cestovné šeky. (KEHT-sehm zah-MEH-nee-tee peh-NYAH-zeh / tsehs-TOHV-nehh SHEH-kih)
What's the exchange rate?Aký je výmenný kurz? (AH-kee yeh vee-MEHN-nee koorz?)

Select the links below to view a number of helpful Slovak travel key phrases which are sorted by category. For each holiday phrase in Slovak, there’ll be the actual English interpretation.

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