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Useful Slovak Phrases for Getting Taxi

Need to know how to say, Exactly how much is a taxi to a hotel in Slovak? Learn More

We have now provided popular Slovak sentences designed for obtaining a taxi cab in Slovak together with English pronunciation. Phrases to catch a taxi
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List of Phrases For Getting Taxi in Slovak

Can you take me to...?Môžete ma zaviesť do...? (mwoh-ZHEH-teh mah zah-VEE-ehs-too doh...?)
Please take me to...Zavezte ma, prosím do... (zah-VEHS-teh mah PROH-seeem doh...)
How much does it cost to go to...?Koľko to bude stáť do...? (KOH-helh-koh toh BOO-deh staa-too doh)
The next corner, please.Pri najbližšom rohu, prosím. (pri nahj-BLEEZH-shom rohu, PROH-seeem)
Stop here, please.Zastavte tu, prosím. (zahs-TAHV-teh too, PROH-seeem)

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