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About the Colours in Swedish

When you find yourself thinking to take a shopping spree in Sweden or a Swedish speaking country, remember to learn the colours in Swedish language. The names of colors in Swedish comes in quite helpful when you are searching for a bit more options in many products your are contemplating to purchase. Learn More

On this website, you can easily know how to say the names a variety of colours in Swedish. We believe by looking at and understanding the Swedish colour chart down below, you are able to determine all typically the essential colors in Swedish.
Swedish Language Words

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Swedish Colours List

blacksvart (svaahrt)
whitevit (veet)
graygrå (groo)
redröd (rud)
blueblå (bloo)
yellowgul (gool)
greengrön (grun)
orangeorange/brandgul (ohrahnj/braahnd gool)
purplelila/purpur/violett (leela/poorpoor/veeo lat)
brownbrun (broon)

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