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Learn How to Tell Numbers in Swedish Language

Want to find out the best way to pronounce the telephone numbers in Swedish? You might like to count up to 10 in Swedish. We certainly have included both written pronunciations of methods to state the actual numbers in Swedish language. We are able to in fact show you the right way to tell you great amounts in Swedish easily. Learn More

List of Numbers in Swedish Language

We’ve virtually all the Swedish numbers from 1 – One thousand | a thousand, listed below that you will want to read. More …

Swedish Language Words

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In order to make counting the particular numbers when it comes to Swedish simpler, we now have divided the numbers in to scaled-down parts. Each one of these webpages include a short online video you can enjoy to understand the right pronunciation.
1En/ett (en/ett)
2två (tfoo)
3tre (trah)
4fyra (feera)
5fem (fahm)
6sex (sax)
7sju (hore)
8åtta (otha)
9nio (neeo)
10tio (teeo)
11elva (ahlvaa)
12tolv (tohlv)
13tretton (traahtoon)
14fjorton (fioortoon)
16sexton (saxtoon)
17sjutton (hwootoon)
18arton (ahrtoon)
19nitton (neetoon)
20tjugo (shoogoo)
21tjugoett(shoogoo ett)
22tjugotvå(shoogo tfoo)
23tjugotre(shoogo trah)
30trettio (thra tee)
40fyrtio (fur tee)
50femtio (fam tee)
60sextio (sax tee)
70sjuttio (hwoo tee)
80åttio (oo tee)
90nittio (nee tee)
100ett hundra(at hoondrah)
175ett hundra sjuttiofem (at hoondrah shoo tee fam)
200två hundra(tfoo hoondrah)
300tre hundra (trah hoondrah)
1000ett tusen (at toosan)
2000två tusen (tfoo toosan)
3758Tre tusen sju hundra femtioåtta (trah toosan hwoo hoondrah famtee otha)
1,000,000En miljon (Ahn millyoon)
1,000,000,000En miljard (Ahn millyard)
1,000,000,000,000En biljon (Ahn billyoon)
number _____ (train, bus, etc.)nummer _____ (noomer)
halfhalv/halvt/halva (hahlv/hahlft/hahlva)
lessmindre/mindre än (meendrah/meendrah ehn)
moremer/mer än (mehr/mehr ehna)

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