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How to say money in Swedish

Want to know the Swedish term money? we’ve right here a number of Swedish money related terms you may well be wanting when travelling in Swedish speaking regions. Learn More

Touring is sometimes extremely expensive, therefore it is essential to get a decent knowledge of Swedish words and phrases for your money related points like for example exchanging money and banking. More Info
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Each country around the globe features its own fiscal system. Changing cash in Swedish speaking regions is the most frequent banking need for people going abroad. Consequently, it is vital that you will get the most your money can buy by getting acquainted with these typical monetary terms in Swedish.

Dealing With Money in Swedish

You will discover a range of Swedish words which can be used when changing money in Sweden or even just when purchasing anything in stores.

Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?Tar ni amerikanska/australiensiska/kanadensiska dollar? (Taar nee americansca/aoostraalyenseesca dollar)
Do you accept British pounds?Tar ni brittiska pund? (Taar nee bree-tee-sca poond)
Do you accept Euro?Tar ni euro? (Taar nee euro)
Do you accept credit cards?Tar ni kreditkort? (taar nee crahdeetcoort)
Can you change money for me?Kan ni växla pengar åt mig? (Can nee vacslaa pahngar oot may?)
Where can I get money changed?Var kan jag växla pengar? (Vahr can yag vacslaa pahngar)
Can you change a traveler's check for me?Kan du växla en resecheck åt mig? (Can doo vacslaa ahn rehsah chac oht may)
Where can I get a traveler's check changed?Var kan jag växla en resecheck? (''Vahr can yag vacslaa ahn rehsah chac)
What is the exchange rate?Vad är växelkursen? (Vahd ehr vehcsehl coorsahn)
Where is the nearest automatic teller machine (ATM)?Var ligger den närmast bankomaten? (Vahr leegehr dehn neermsta baancomaten)

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