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About Ordering Food in Swedish

Hungry? How to start placing your order meals in Swedish? These are several of the questions you will have whenever venturing in a Swedish speaking nation. Learn More

Regardless if you are about to reside in a Swedish speaking country or going on a short holiday there, discovering how to buy meals in Swedish is really important. Going out at Swedish eateries and bistros is usually a lot of pleasure, especially if you know some fundamental Swedish restaurant vocabulary. More …
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We’ve got stated quite a few familiar food related key phrases in Swedish, listed below, hoping they will often assist you if you are placing your order meals in Swedish.

Speaking Swedish When Eating Out

Please click here to find out the Swedish meals words and phrases readily which can be used for ordering food in Swedish eating places and coffee shops.

Bon appetit!Smaklig måltid! (Smock lig mol tid)
A table for one person/two people, please.Ett bord för en/två, tack. (At boord fur ahn/tfoo , tac)
Can I look at the menu, please?Får jag se på menyn, tack? (Foor yag seh poo meh-neen taak)
Can I look in the kitchen?Kan jag titta i köket? (Can yag tee-ta ee chu-keht)
Is there a house specialty?Finns det en husets special? (feens dat ehn hoosats spahsee-ahl)
Is there a local specialty?Finns det en lokal specialitet? (feens dat ehn loocal spahsee-ahlitee)
I'm a vegetarian.Jag är vegetarian. (Yag ahr vehgehtahreean)
I'm a vegan.Jag är vegan. (Yag ahr vehgaan)
I don't eat pork.Jag äter inte fläskkött. (Yag ehtahr eentah flahsc-shut)
I don't eat beef.Jag äter inte nötkött. (Yag ehtahr eentah nyot-shyot )
I only eat kosher food.Jag äter bara koshermat. (Yag ehter bahra koshermaht)
Except for the big cities, this will draw a blank stare from the waiter. Most Swedes are aware that pork is not kosher, but apart from that, almost all non-Jewish Swedes would not have any idea about kosher rules. Jews constitute roughly 0.15
Can you make it "lite", please? (less oil/butter/lard)Jag vill ha det lätt tack. (mindre olja/smör/flott) (Yag veel hah deht laht tac. (meendreh olya/smur/floth)
à la carteà la carte (ahla cahrt)
breakfastfrukost (frucost)
lunchlunch (loonsh)
teate (teh)
suppermiddag (meeddag)
I want _____.Jag vill ha _____. (Yag veel ha)
chickenkyckling (shu cleeng)
beefbiff/nötkött (beeff/nyot-shyot)
fishfisk (.fihsk)
hamskinka (sheenca)
sausagekorv (korv)
cheeseost (oost)
eggägg (eg)
fried eggstekt ägg (stekt eg)
scrambled eggäggröra (eg-gryor-ra)
salad/salatsallad (sahlad)
(fresh) vegetables(färska) grönsaker ((fehshca)gryon sahcehr)
(fresh) fruit(färsk) frukt ((fehshk) frooct)
breadbröd (bryod)
toasttoast/rostat bröd med smör/rostat bröd (toast/rostat bryod mehd smyor/ rostat bryod)
noodlesnudlar (noodlar)
riceris (rees)
beansbönor (byon-oor)
May I have a glass of _____?Kan jag få ett glas_____? (Can yag foo et glahs)
May I have a cup of _____?Kan jag få en kopp_____? (Can yag foo ehn cop)
May I have a bottle of _____?Kan jag få en flaska_____? (Can yag foo ehn flaasca)
coffeekaffe (ca-feh)
teate (teh)
juicejuice (yoos)
fruit juicefruktjuice (frukht yoas)
bubbly waterbubbelvatten (boobehlvahtehn)
watervatten (vah tehn)
milkmjölk (myolk)
ice-creamglass (gla-ss)
beeröl (urhl)
red/white wineröd/vitt vin (ryod/veet veen)
May I have some _____?Kan jag få lite_____? (Can yag foo leeteh)
saltsalt (sahlt)
sugarsocker (sock-ker)
black peppersvartpeppar(svart pehppar)
buttersmör (smyorr)
Excuse me, waiter? (getting attention of server)Ursäkta, hovmästarn! (Ushecta, hoovmastarn)
I'm finished.Jag är klar. (Yag ehr clahr)
It was delicious.Det smakade utmärkt. (deht smahcade utmehrct)
Please clear the plates.Ta bort faten, tack. (Tah boort fahten tac)
The check, please.Notan, tack. (Nootan, tac)

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