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In case you are in Sweden or a Swedish speaking region, have you ever wondered how to tell the actual time in Swedish? Telling the time in Swedish is dependant on knowing the Swedish numbers and a couple of rules regarding the hours, minutes and seconds when it comes to Swedish. Learn More

Within this website, you will learn easily the right way to reveal to the time in Swedish with all the subsequent terms regarding:
Swedish Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Swedish Language

nownu (noo)
latersenare (seenareh)
beforeföre (fureh)
morningmorgon (mohrgon)
afternooneftermiddag (ehftermeedag)
eveningkväll (kvehll)
nightnatt (nat)

Would like to know just how to say five o-clock in Swedish? Utilize the terms down below to assist you to tell the existing time on the clock in Swedish.
AM and PM are not used in Swedish, but rather the 24-hour clock. If you want to say 1 AM you should say "klockan ett", which means "the clock one". And "It is 1 AM" is "Klockan är ett" which literally means "The clock is one". Consequently, if you want to express 1 PM you should say "Klockan tretton" which means "Clock thirteen". "It is 1 PM" is "Klockan är tretton", meaning "The clock is thirteen". However, most Swedes take the easy way out and say "Klockan är ett" assuming that the person they talk to understands if they're referring to AM or PM.
What time is it?Vad är klockan? (Vahd ahr clockan)
one o'clock AMKlockan 1 (Clockan ett)
two o'clock AMKlockan 2 (Clockan tfoo)
nooneftermiddag (after meedagh)
one o'clock PMKlockan 13 (Clockan traahtoon)
two o'clock PMKlockan 14 (Clockan fioortoon)
midnightMidnatt (Meed nat)
quarter to _____Kvart i _____(qvahrt ee)
Half past is not used in Swedish. Instead, the half hours expressed are halves of the coming hour, so 1:30 becomes "half two".1;30 pm

Utilize the basic Swedish phrases to understand the time period like a Year, Week and a Month in Swedish language.
_____ minute/minutes (ago)_____ minut/minuter (sedan) (meenoot/meenootar (sahdahn))
_____ hour/hours (ago)_____ timme/timmar (sedan) (teemah/teemahr (sahdahn))
_____ day/days (ago)_____ dag/dagar (sedan) (daag/daagahr (sahdahn))
_____ week/weeks (ago)_____ vecka/veckor (sedan) (vacka/vackor (sahdahn))
_____ month/months (ago)_____ månad/månader (moonad/moonadar (sahdahn))
_____ year/years (ago)_____ år/år (sedan) (ohr/ohr (sahdahn))

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