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About Getting Directions in Swedish Language

As you are travelling in Sweden or any country in which many people converse in Swedish, are you aware of the way to get to your destination? Commuting in Swedish-speaking nations can be interesting and adventurous. Learn More

Having said that, it’s essential to learn ways to request information in Swedish as well as really know what you will be advised. Swedish Phrases For Direction
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This kind of Swedish expressions down below will help you understand directions in Swedish.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Swedish

How do I get to _____ ?Hur kommer jag till _____ ? (Hoor koomar yag teel)
...the railway station?...järnvägsstationen? (jaahrn vaags stat ee oo nahn)
...the bus station?...busshållplatsen/busstationen? (boos hool plat sahn/ boos stat ee oo nahn)
...the airport?...flygplatsen? (fleeg plat sahn)
...downtown?centrum? (sehntrohm)
...the youth hostel?...vandrarhemmet? (vahndrahrhehmeht)
...the _____ hotel?...hotellet _____ ? (hootahlat)
...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?...det amerikanska/kanadensiska/australiensiska/brittiska konsulatet? (dat americansca/canadansisca/aoostraaleeansisca/bree-tee-sca consoolahtat)
Where are there a lot of...Var finns det många... (vahr feens dat moonga)
...hotels?...hotell? (hoo tahl)
...restaurants?...restauranger? (rastoorangar)
...bars?...barer? (baa rar)
...sites to see?...sevärdheter? (sehvahrdheheter)
Can you show me on the map?Kan du visa mig på kartan? (Can doo veesa may poo car-taan)
streetgata/gatan (gaataa/gaataan)
Turn left.Gå till vänster. (Goo teel vanster)
Turn right.Gå till höger. (Goo teel hug ar)
leftvänster (vanster)
righthöger (hug ar)
over theredär borta(dahr boortaa)
straight aheadrakt framåt (raakt frahmoot)
towards the _____mot _____ (moot)
past the _____förbi_____ (fur bee)
before the _____före _____ (fur ahe)
Watch for the _____.Titta efter/Kolla efter_____. (Tee taa ahefter/Cohla ahefter)
intersectionvägkorsning (vahg koor sning)
northnorr (nohr)
southsyd (seed)
eastöst (ust)
westväst (vahst)
uphilluppe på berget/ på berget(oopah poo baryat/ poo baryat)
downhillnedanför berget/ i dalen / vid bergets fot (nahdan fur baryat/ ee dalahn/ veed baryats foot)

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