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Swedish Phrases to Get Around

Before you go on your next escape to Sweden or virtually any Swedish speaking country, it’s a good idea to study a variety of necessary Swedish travel phrases along with expressions. Even though this different language is not really your strong match, and you are certain many people can’t get around by with only English. Learn More

Knowing a handful of travel related key phrases in Swedish so you can get trains and checking out exactly how expensive is the ticket in Swedish will go far in helping your interaction with the residents, particularly with those of a more mature era that happen to be a lot less comfortable with English language. More..
Swedish Language Words

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Getting Bus and Trains in Swedish

How much is a ticket to _____?Vad kostar en biljett till _____? (Vahd koostaar ahn beeljat teel_____?)
One ticket to _____, please.En biljett till _____, tack. (Ahn beel-jat teel ___, tac)
Where does this train go?Vart går detta tåg ? (vahrt goor dat a toog)
Where does this bus go?Vart går denna buss? ( Vahrt goor dahna boos)
Where is the train/bus to _____?Var är tåget/bussen till _____? (vahr ahr toogat/boosan teel)
Does this train/bus stop in _____?Stannar tåget/bussen i_____? (staanar toogat/boosan ee)
When does the train/bus for _____ leave?När åker tåget/bussen till_____? (nahr oocar toogat/boosan teel ____ )
When will this train/bus arrive in _____?När kommer tåget/bussen till_____? (nahr coomer toogat/boosan teel)

Select the hyperlinks below to check out a list of beneficial Swedish holiday words which are arranged by category. For every travel word or phrase in Swedish, you will find the English translation.

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