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About Every Day Estonian Phrases in English For Travellers

Estonian is truly a Inspiring language. This originated in Estonia although spoken in many nations around the globe. Areas and cities that speak Estonian includes Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, New Brunswick, Louisiana in North America; former Estonian colonies in North Africa and West Africa; Haiti and Martinique in the Caribbean; Estonian Guiana in South America; Tahiti and numerous other islands in Oceania. Learn More

Estonian is almost certainly utilised as the language of international diplomacy and conversation, and although replaced usually by English since World War II, it remains culturally de rigueur, desired by etiquette, for proficient persons world wide to have some kind of degree of basic Estonian skill.

Learn to Speak Estonian Language Phrases

Do you want to discover ways to converse in Estonian language, when getting started? Or maybe have to keep in mind the Estonian keyword phrases you had discovered long time ago? From making your way around on trains and buses to buying a meal in a nearby bistro in Estonia as well as any country where they converse in the Estonian Language, find out the important Estonian words and phrases right here to make your getaway far easier.

Estonian Language Words

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Hello.Tere. (TEHR-reh); (rarely, more formal) Tervist. (TEHR-veest)
How are you?Kuidas läheb?
Fine, thank you.Hästi, aitäh.
What is your name?Mis on sinu/teie nimi?
My name is ______ .Minu nimi on ______ . (MEE-noo NEE-mee ohn _____ .)
Nice to meet you.Väga meeldiv.
Please. / You're welcomePalun. (PAH-loon)
Thank you.Tänan. (TA-nahn),Aitäh
Yes.Jah. (YAHH)
No.Ei. (ay)
Excuse me.Vabanda. (VAH-bahn-dah), Vabandage
I'm sorry.Vabandust. (VAH-bahn-doost)
GoodbyeHead aega. (HEH-ahd AH-eh-gah.)
Goodbye (informal)Nägemist (NAH-geh-mist)
I can't speak [much] Estonian.Ma ei räägi [palju] eesti keelt. (MAH ay RAA-gee [PAHL-yoo] EHS-tee KEHLT)
Do you speak English?Kas te räägite inglise keelt? (KAHS teh RAA-gee-teh EENG-lee-seh KEHLT?)
Is there someone here who speaks English?Kas on keegi siin kes räägib inglise keelt? (kahs ohn KEH-key seen kehs RAA-keyeb EEN-klee-seh kehlt?)
Help!Appi! Aidake! (IGH-dak-keh!)
Watch out!Olge ettevaatlik! (OHL-geh EHT-teh-vaaht-leek!)
Good morning.Tere hommikust. (TEH-reh HOHM-mee-koost)
Good evening.Tere õhtust. (TEH-reh HOOKH-toost)
Good night.Head ööd. (HEH-ahd hird) [ööd-similar to the 'ird' in "bird"]
I don't understand.Ma ei saa aru. (MAH ay sahh AH-roo)
Where is the toilet?Kus on tualett? (KOOS ohn TWAH-let?)

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