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How do we say the Days of the week in Estonian language

When you are travelling in Estonia and a person asks you in Estonian “what day is it today?” you’ve got to know how to give the days of the 7 days in Estonian simply. What if someone asks “when am I going to meet you next?” You ought to write the time in Estonian maybe. Apply our day time key phrases in Estonian beneath to know the full week days in Estonian. Learn More

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Telling the Days of The Week in Estonian

todaytäna (TAH-nah)
yesterdayeile (AY-leh)
tomorrowhomme (HOHM-meh)
this weeksel nädalal (sehl NAH-dah-lahl)
last weekmöödunud nädalal (MERR-duh-nuhd NAH-dah-lahl)
next weekjärgmisel nädalal (YARG-mee-sehl NAH-dah-lahl)
Mondayesmaspäev (ESS-mahs-paehv)
Tuesdayteisipäev (TAY-see-paehv)
Wednesdaykolmapäev (KOHL-mah-paehv)
Thursdayneljapäev (NEHL-yah-paehv)
Fridayreede (RREH-deh)
Saturdaylaupäev (LAH-oo-paehv)
Sundaypühapäev (PEW-hah-paehv)

Months in Estonian Language

Januaryjaanuar (YAAH-noo-ahr)
Februaryveebruar (VEH-broo-ahr)
Marchmärts (MARTS)
Aprilaprill (AH-preell)
Maymai (MAH-ee)
Junejuuni (YOO-nee)
Julyjuuli (YOO-lee)
Augustaugust (AH-oo-goost)
Septemberseptember (SEHP-tehm-behr)
Octoberoktoober (OHK-toh-behr)
Novembernovember (NOH-vehm-behr)
Decemberdetsember (DEHT-sehm-behr)

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