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How to say money in Estonian

Need to know the Estonian term for money? We now have right here a summary of Estonian cash related key phrases you might be wanting when traveling in Estonian speaking nations. Learn More

Touring is sometimes very pricey, hence it is important to get a very good understanding of Estonian phrases for money related issues just like exchanging money and banking. More Info
Estonian Language Words

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Every single country everywhere possesses its own fiscal system. Interchanging cash in Estonian speaking nations is one among the frequent banking necessity for tourists. Consequently, it is necessary that you will get the most your money can buy by getting familiar with these basic monetary terms in Estonian.

Dealing With Money in Estonian

You will find a list of Estonian terms which can be used while dealing with cash in Estonia or even just when purchasing a little something in shops.

Do you accept American/Australian/Canadian dollars?Kas te võtate vastu Ameerika/Austraalia/Kanada dollareid? (kahs teh VEW-tah-teh VAHS-too AH-mehh-rih-kah/OWS-trahh-lyah/KAH-nah-dah DOHL-lah-rayd?)
Do you accept British pounds?Kas te võtate vastu Briti naelu (naelsterlingeid)? (kahs teh vehh-TAH-teh VAHS-too BRIH-tih NAH-eh-loo (NAH-ehls-tehr-lihn-gayd)?)
Do you accept credit cards?Kas te võtate vastu krediitkaarte? (kahs teh VEHH-tah-teh VAHS-too KREH-dihht-kaar-teh?)
Can you change money for me?Kas te saa(ksi)te mulle raha/valuutat vahetada? (kahs teh saa(ksih) teh MOOL-leh RAH-hah/VAH-loo-taht VAH-heh-tah-dah?)
Where can I get money changed?Kus ma saa(ksi)n raha/valuutat vahetada? (koos mah saa(ksih)n MOOL-leh RAH-hah/VAH-loo-taht VAH-heh-tah-dah?)
Can you change a traveler's check for me?Kas te saa(ksi)te mulle reisitšeki/akreditiivi vahetada? (kahs teh saa(ksih) teh MOOL-leh RAY-siht-sheh-kih/AHKREH-dih-tiih-vih VAH-heh-tah-dah?)
Where can I get a traveler's check changed?Kus ma saa(ksi)n reisitšeki/akreditiivi vahetada? (koos mah saa(ksih) n RAY-siht-sheh-kih/AHKRE-dih-tiih-vih VAH-heh-tah-dah?)
What is the exchange rate?Milline on valuuta kurss? (MIHL-lih-neh ohn VAH-loo-tah KOO-rahs?)
Where is an automatic teller machine (ATM)?Kus on (üks) rahaautomaat? (koos ohn (ewks) RAH-haaow-toh-maht?)

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