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When you are in Estonia or maybe a Estonian speaking state, ever thought about the best ways to tell the actual time in Estonian? Telling the actual time in Estonian depends upon knowing the Estonian numbers as well as some guidelines concerning the hours, minutes and seconds when it comes to Estonian. Learn More

Within this web site, you will understand easily how to reveal to the time in Estonian using the subsequent terms with regard to:
Estonian Language Words

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List of Phrases to Help You Telling Time in Estonian Language

nownüüd (newd)
laterhiljem (HEEL-yehm)
beforeenne (EHN-neh)
morninghommik (HOHM-meek)
afternoonpärastlõuna (PA-rahst-LUHR-oo-nah)
eveningõhtu (UHRHH-too)
nightöö (urr)

Want to know the correct way to say eight o’clock in Estonian? Make use of the key phrases below to guide you tell the current time on the actual clock in Estonian.
Estonia uses a 24 hour clock for most things
one o'clock AMkell üks (kehl EWKS)
two o'clock AMkell kaks (kehl KAHKS)
noonkeskpäev (KEHSK-pa-ehv)
one o'clock PMkell kolmteist (kehl KOHLM-tayst)
two o'clock PMkell neliteist (kehl NEH-lee-tayst)
midnightkesköö (KEHSK-urr)

Make use of the fundamental Estonian phrases to understand the time duration for example a Year, Week and a Month when it comes to Estonian language.
_____ minute(s)_____ minut(it) (MEEH-noot(-eet))
_____ hour(s)_____ tund(i) (TOOND(/-dee))
_____ day(s)_____ päev(a) (PIGHV(/-vah))
_____ week(s)_____ nädal(at) (NA-dahl(/-laht))
_____ month(s)_____ kuu(d) (KOOH(D))
_____ year(s)_____ aasta(t) (AH-stah(t))

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