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Do you know the things to mention when you’re having problems in Estonian? You might be in a scenario where a person is troubling you or perhaps you had misplaced your bag in a region in which they speak Estonian. Learn More

People do not need to be concerned. We compiled a range of Estonian key phrases which you can use in desperate situations. More..
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List of Words on How to Deal with Problems in Estonian Language

Leave me alone.Jäta mind rahule. (YA-tah meend rah-HOO-leh)
Don't touch me!Ära puuduta mind! (A-rah poo-OODOO-tah meend)
I'll call the police.Ma kutsun politsei. (mah KOOT-soon poh-LEET-say)
Police!Politsei! (poh-LEET-say)
Stop! Thief!Stop! Varas! (stohp VAH-rahs!)
I need your help.Ma vajan teie abi. (mah VAH-yahn TAY-ee-eh AH-bee)
It's an emergency.See on hädaolukord. (sehh ohn ha-dow-LOO-kohrd)
I'm lost.Ma olen eksinud. (mah OH-lehn ehk-SEE-nood)
I lost my bag.Ma kaotasin oma koti. (mah kah-oh-TAH-seen OH-mah KOH-tee)
I lost my wallet.Ma kaotasin oma rahakoti. (mah kah-oh-TAH-seen OH-mah rah-HAH-koh-tee)
I'm sick.Ma olen haige. (mah OH-lehn HAI-geh)
I've been injured.Ma olen vigastatud. (mah OH-lehn vee-gahs-TAH-tood)
I need a doctor.Ma vajan arsti. (mah VAH-yahn AHRS-tee)
Can I use your phone?Kas ma võiksin teie telefoni kasutada? (kahs mah vehh-EEK-seen teh-ee-eh teh-LEH-foh-nee kah-SOO-tah-dah?)

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