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About Getting Directions in Estonian Language

While you are visiting in Estonia or any nation where individuals communicate in Estonian, have you any idea tips to get to your holiday destination? Holidaying in Estonian-speaking countries is usually inspiring not to mention adventurous. Learn More

Then again, it is good to find out easy methods to ask instructions in Estonian and also to really know what you will be explained to. Estonian Phrases For Direction
Estonian Language Words

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This valuable Estonian terminology under will help you understand instructions in Estonian.

Useful Phrases For Getting Directions in Estonian

How do I get to _____ ?Kuidas ma saan _____ ? (KUY-dahs mah sahhn?)
...the train station?...rongijaama? (RROH-gih-yahh-mah?)
...the bus station?...bussijaama? (BOOS-sih-yahh-mah?)
...the airport?...lennujaama? (LEHN-noo-yahh-mah?)
...downtown?...kesklinna? (KEHS-klihn-nah?)
...the youth hostel?...noortehotelle? (NOHHR-teh-hoh-tehl-leh?)
...the _____ hotel?... _____ hotelli? (HOH-tehl-lih?)
...the American/Canadian/Australian/British consulate?...Ameerika/Kanada/Austraalia/Briti konsulaati? (AMEHH-rih-kah/ KAH-nah-dah/ OWS-trahh-lyah/ BRIH-tih KOHN-soo-lahh-tih?)
Where are there a lot of...Kust ma võiksin leida...? (koost mah VEHIHK-sihn LEI-dah)
...hotels?...hotelle? (HOH-tehl-leh)
...restaurants?...restorane? (REHS-toh-rah-neh)
...bars?...baare? (BAHH-reh)
...sites to see?...vaatamisväärsusi? (VAHH-tah-mihs-vahhhr-soo-sih?)
Can you show me on the map?Kas te näitaksite mulle kaardil? (kahs teh NAIH-tahk-sih-teh MOOL-leh KAHHR-dihl?)
streettänav (TA-nahv)
Turn left.Pööra vasakule. (PUHR-rah VAH-sah-koo-leh)
Turn right.Pööra paremale. (PUHR-rah PAH-reh-mah-leh)
leftvasak (VAH-sahk)
rightparem (PAH-rrehm)
straight aheadotse edasi (OHT-seh EH-dah-sih)
towards the __________ suunas (SOO-nahs)
past the __________ mööda (MUHH-dah)
before the _____enne _____ (EHN-neh)
Watch for the _____.Jälgige _____. (YAL-gee-geh)
intersectionristmik/risttee (REES-meek/REEST-tehh)
northpõhi (PUH-hee)
southlõuna (LUHWOH-nah)
eastida (EE-dah)
westlääs (laahs)
uphillülesmäge (EW-lehs-ma-geh)
downhillallamäge (AHL-lah-ma-geh)

Select the links directly below to find out a list of helpful Estonian travel phrases that are structured by theme. For each holiday word or phrase in Estonian, you will see the English translation.

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